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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Rush Hour at Hof

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Warsaw Pact
VS British
Major Beaver

Attacker - Nationale Volksarmee Panzer Division

The Hasty Horde Assembles!

The panzer division consisted of

Commanding T-72M
Kompanie of 3 T-72M
Kompanie of 3 T-72M
Kompanie of 5 T-55-AM
Medium BMP1 Mot-Schützen Kompanie
-With 9 BMP's
2 BMP1 Aufklarungs Zug

With supporting
4 Shilka's
3 2S1 Carnations Artillery
BMP1 Observer

The plan was to forgo air units in effort to focus on utilizing artillery support in massive attacks, of course knowing the gaming group I couldn't cut down on anti-air (as you can see below) so four Shilka's were brought along. This had unexpected side effect as the mission wasn't decided beforehand.

Defender - British Fv432 Mechanized Company

The British in all their declining glory

The British Mechanized Company (BMC) consisted of

HQ and two CPMG SF
-One Fv432
Two small Mechanized platoons with Milans
-With eight Fv432 in teams of four

Supporting this
Four Scorpion Recces
Four Rapiers
Four Harriers
Four TOW Lynx Helicopters

Commander Comments (CC): Holy Hell! They brought 22 points worth of air assets! Thankfully I didn't bring any Krokodiles as the four Rapiers would have made short work of those. But this infantry heavy list was going to be problem even though point wise this game was 50 vs 43.

Mission and deployment

Picking out a region where neither of us had fought before we landed on the Hof Corridor and boy were we in for a surprise. Warsaw Pack Hasty Attack at Dawn where only half of NATO forces are on the table and rest is in Deep Scattered Reserves, this was not to be an easy job for the British chaps.

The Major started putting down objectives, placing them smartly, his only being on the road so he could possibly road rush it when light breaks and reinforcements arrive. The other (my objective) right by the end of the map behind a forest, not quite what I had in mind.

Since the Major only three units to defend I put down my two objectives as far apart as possible without giving them much cover, hoping they would force him to stretch the line to a breaking point.

The Plan - before it hit the enemy

The British forces deployed one infantry platoon dug in around Obj.1 and another stretched out between Obj. 2 and 3, pretty much what I had hoped for.

For me it was just a question whether to attack Obj. 1 or 3 with everything I got. Since his Obj.4 was in one corner I decided to put everything there so I wouldn't need to leave units behind to defend it. Using the Aufklarungs Zug to spearhead the deployment I put the Mot-Schutz kompanie as much forward as possible, counting on night to cover them on the way to the objective. The rest was simple packing, trying to have everything covered with AA and artillery behind.

As the game begins, British infantry stretched thin and one massive attack incoming

Battle Begins!

Strangely enough NATO takes the first turn and boy the British do not joke around (did they learn this from the Americans?), the first thing I get is four Harriers striking the formation! And the Shilka's are too slow to react as they can't confirm targets in the night!

Thankfully the tanks saw what was incoming and got lucky, striking down one Harrier before they could release. But that luck didn't last long as they lost two T-72's and one BMP in the issuing strike, less then expected but for some reason the Harriers didn't range in quickly enough.


Suffering minor casualties the Battalion rushed forwards! BMP's taking the front while the tanks are covered by smoke bombardment. Nothing else fires, trying to keep the cloak of night as long as possible. Undaunted the infantry lugs it to catch up.

Forward through the night

I was expecting at least some fireworks being this close to them but being too confident in their foxholes they didn't spot us (Major rolling one, the only team able to see something was the Milan but it was within minimum range).

The platoon on Obj.1 apparently get a scrambling message from HQ requesting support against imminent attack, everyone mounting up and moving out, trying to make it in time.

Scrambling to react

Now the firework show is on! All the infantry rushed out and took up firing positions along with T-72's and BMP's and rained hell on the Brits, but apparently it was more fireworks then anything else. The British held in their foxholes without a casualty. Angered by this my infantry charged their position! but the hailstorm of counter-fire was too much and few teams were lost.

All Out Attack

With the far platoon reinforcing the line the British return fire did not amount to much against the superior Volksarmee infantry, which stood its ground against everything they threw at it. The only casualty was a T-72M spotted by the Milan team.

Stalemate at the front line


As the sun starts to crawl up the horizon the firefight intensifies, the T-72 commander arriving to flak along with the scouts and the T-55/T-72's line up to concentrate fire on the objective. Hoping to push the enemy infantry off the objective everything is called in. 2S1 finally digging one team out of the foxholes and through volume of fire the reinforcing teams are picked off one by one. But the British Bastards do not give up, through all of this they are still holding in their holes like the weasels they are, grrr.

With the light of day the British start to suffer casualties

The next round was the defining point, Harriers came in for strike but Shilka's and AA fire took two more down and the last fled the scene. TOW Lynx helicopters finally in position to strike but still waiting. Milans and Gustavs striking out targets of opportunity, taking out two T-55's and two BMP's, forcing the scouts to retreat. His infantry cutting down mine that was sitting on the objective. This was not enough though.

Since I had lost the infantry on the objective I had to push forward, but I didn't want to compromise the position, I only sent out one unit to contest. This payed off as wave of luck hit and I finally broke the platoon holding the objective through combined firepower of everything I had. Just one more turn and the Objective is mine.

The British position broken

I must commend his effort and determination of the British, he ran with everything forward trying to take the objective back, even bringing in Scorpions from the far edge at full speed down the road towards the objective. The TOW Lynx wrecked my Shilkas from there position but it didn't matter, over-watch brought it all down around the objective, the last remaining Shilka finishing off the last unit, securing victory for the Pact.

Last ditch attempt

Warsaw Pact Victory

This was a well fought battle with the British fighting despite odds stacked heavily against them.

Final positions


My first victory! yay! but looking at the scenario my opponent didn't have much chance to begin with but he fought well, extraordinary well. This did last longer then expected as the dug in infantry is nigh invulnerable!

Thank you for a great battle once again Major Beaver!

Small Bonus

His Rapiers mad dashing in on the objective, just a little too late

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Warsaw Pact


  • Nabeshin says:

    Excellently formatted report, photography, images, editing and models were all great. Commendations for this one, keep this quality and you’ll help carry your team!

  • Red Alert says:


    Your efforts have come to the attention of STAVKA. Well done Tovarish. Spasibo.

  • Nikolai Zhukuv says:

    Excellent report tovarish! Everything was perfect… models, terrain and of course outcome

  • recce103c says:

    Gerat report of a hairy battle

    concratz Comrade Victoe, also for the supportive material

    Nive models and terrain Board

    thx for sharing

  • Victor says:

    Thanks everyone.

    @Storm Caller – I think we forgot but the range was so short it didn’t matter much.

  • Storm Caller says:

    Did you roll to see how far the Harriers could see? I only ask because in our game air at night is not great and usually rolls a one!

  • bayankhan says:

    Great job, Victor

  • Hulkey says:

    Very nice report, and fair play to capitalise on the situation. I very much liked the representation of pre-dawn with the filter

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Well done Comrade on your victory!

  • Major Beaver says:

    Fun to read the story from the other side.

  • Davehodo says:

    Excellent comrade. Congrats on your first win. Great report.

  • Kubikhan says:

    Beautiful battle report, but a tough loss given the overall strategic situation.

  • M. Nisbet says:

    A well fought battle. It could have gone either way, sadly it went Red.