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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Sunset Brawl

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Warsaw Pact
VS West German

As one Mot-Schutz battalion is on its way to the front, linking up with division elements, stops for the night it is attacked by a west-German recon force. Suddenly the outskirts of Brandenburg light up as skirmish ensues.

Defender - BMP Mot-Schütz Batallion

Volks Armee Bataillon

- BMP Mot-schutzen Bataillon HQ - 1x BMP-1, 1x MPi KM (1 pt)
-- BMP-2 Mot-schutzen Kompanie - 4x MPi KM with RPG-18, 3x RPG-7, 4x BMP-2 (8 pts)
--- Additional AGS-17 grenade launcher - 1x AGS-17 grenade launcher, 1x BMP-2 (2 pts)
-- BMP-1 Mot-schutzen Kompanie - 4x MPi KM with RPG-18, 3x RPG-7, 4x BMP-1 (6 pts)
---Additional SA-14 Gremlin AA - 1x SA-14 Gremlin AA missile, 1x BMP-1 (1 pt)
-- T-72M Panzer Kompanie - 6x T-72M (19 pts)
-- ZSU-23-4 Shilka Flak Zug - 4x ZSU-23-4 Shilka (4 pts)
-- 2S1 Carnation Artillerie Batterie - 3x 2S1 Carnation (6 pts)
--- BMP-1 OP - 1x BMP-1 OP (1 pt)
-- Spandrel Panzerabwehr Zug - 3x Spandrel (2 pts)

Total: 50 Points

Attacker - Leopard 1 recon company

Leopard 1 Company

-Leopard 1 Panzer Kompanie HQ - 1x Leopard 1 (3 pts)
--Leopard 1 Panzer Zug - 3x Leopard 1 (9 pts)
--Marder Panzergrenadier Zug - 3x G3 Rifle with Panzerfaust 44 anti-tank rocket, 2x Milan missile, 3x Marder
--Leopard 1 Panzer Zug - 2x Leopard 1 (6 pts)
--Jaguar 2 Jagdpanzer Zug - 3x Jaguar 2 (5 pts)
--Gepard Flakpanzer Batterie - 4x Gepard (10 pts)
--Luchs Spah Trupp - 2x Luchs (1 pts)
--Luchs Spah Trupp - 2x Luchs (1 pts)
--Tornado Strike Flight - 4x Tornado (8 pts)

Total: 50 Points

Leo-1's are repped with M60's.

Mission and deployment

The Brandenburg brawl is played with West-Germans attacking. With half of the units on the table and rest in deep scattered reserves. Objectives in all quarters so each force has to move out to secure them.

Brandenburg Brawl

I decided to deploy my infantry with anti-air and artillery support (so they could participate in the battle), hoping that reinforcements would arrive as soon as possible to assist.

My opponent deployed his infantry as well, with Anti-everything(Gepard) and tanks, a very good choice.

This farm looks nice, lets camp here for the night.
The unscrupulous west attacks at every hour, nothing is sacred.

From Dusk to Die!

My infantry doubled up and rushed to the forest at the objective. Meanwhile I lost one Shilka to long range Leo-I fire, while my arty failed to range in on the infantry.

Get some cover among those trees!
Rumble rumble, engine stumble, the attacker moves to engage.

Tornado's! Bloody F**king Tornado's! swooped in and took out three infantry teams! and not one went down to AA fire?! Why did I bring those things along?!

Not much else happened that turn, all artillery shots were saved, BMP's missed and got wrecked in return.

Harriers attack!
Ever closer they come
Minor losses to armoured assets but no effective fire done.

No reinforcements and night falls. Not gut...

The west-germans use the night to move in closer, getting two more Leo-I's to the objective, while I continue with ineffective fire.

As night falls they go haywire!

Reinforcements! I get BMP-2 support, making the infantry advance onto west-german objective, hoping to at least contest it. The BMP's manage ineffective use of there rockets against one tank while it bails one in return.

The crazy leo and gepard drivers launch them self into the forest to destroy the last team holding the objective, the game is about to end and there isn't much I can do.

"They just drove their tanks right into the forest without stopping, shooting in every direction!"

T-72m Reinforcements! Yay! On the wrong side of the battle! Oy vey!

Throwing everything I could onto the contested objective, even contesting his with the T-72's, I still only managed to knock out three Gepards and bail one of the Leo's. The T-72M's even managed to miss all their shots.

Game over...

Give them all you got! Even the Hail Mary!
At least we got those Gepards...
Reinforcements so close to the objective...

Retreat to a better position and await dawn

It was nice to lose so few units for a change, heh...

Again, against Frym3n, my dice rolls were abysmal. Very few infantry saves, one or two skill checks, and almost all hits (those few) resulted in saves.

Still a few things learned:
Don't forget to deploy the OP with the arty.
Gepards are silly...
BMP's are better deployed at range but still have a powerful autocannon when needed.

Thanks for good game Frym3n, but I think I'll take a break from your West-German Über units for a few games :)

Gepard in its natural environment (Lets see who gets it :)

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