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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Berlin Outskirts

Warsaw Pact
Unteroffizier Vasquez
VS United States


NATO is pushing closer into Berlin and as it us up to dedicated socialists to stop the imperialist crusade. Unteroffizier Vasquez and his T-64 company were tasked with stopping the American tank advance. Armed with the best weaponry the workers could produce it was up to these brave men to stop the advance.

The Battlefield

Our scouts allowed us to creep closer to the American objective. We have the numbers we must make them count!

Turn 1

The T-64's survive the initial American barrage as fine Soviet steel deflects American rounds. One Abrams pays the price while another is forced to abandon the vehicle. The scouts eliminate the American commander in his M113.

Turn 2

By threatening the objective so quickly the Americans are forced to move the 2nd Abrams platoon to support the flank. American Colonel Boonwaggle was also forced to move Abrams up in order to contest. The combined Abrams shooting destroyed one Soviet platoon. You will be remembered comrades.
The 2nd Abrams platoon could not get close enough to contest which left the lone Abrams from 1st platoon in a risky position. Seeing the brave sacrifice of their comrades Commander Vasquez and his T-64s surged forward to engage the capitalist tank. Accurate fire destroys the imperialist and his comrade decides to flee the field. Soviet victory just before sunset.

Wrap Up

Abrams against T-64s is always a knife fight but I think Colonel Boonwaggle may have underestimated their speed and resilience. The Americans had to cover two objectives with 3 platoons to start which is why the other Abrams platoon was so far out. On turn 2 I also got my 3rd tank platoon which was threatening the other objective. Some poor rolls and the great T-64 armor really helped my tanks survive some volleys. As always a great game and since we were done so quickly we ran it back again. Stay tuned!

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Warsaw Pact
Unteroffizier Vasquez