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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Amsterdam, "Retreat, Hell No"

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact

Alpha Company of the 2nd Tank Battalion and Alpha Company of the 1st/2nd Marines were combined to make Regimental Combat Team (RCT) 2.
RCT2s mission was to hold the line in Amsterdam against an aggressive Soviet assault. RCT2 moved up under the cover of darkness and occupied their positions with a Rifle Platoon occupying a factory in the centre of their area of operations (AO). Their attached Anti-Tank squad occupied the high ground on the left edge of the AO, co-located with them was the OP to the attached Battery of 155mm. 1st Tank Platoon occupied a wooded area to the rear of the AO, while the 2nd Tank Platoon went into ambush. The rest of the force went into reserve waiting to be called up.
At approximately 0400 hrs sentries reported the sounds of armoured vehicles (AFVs) to the East and all positions were stood to.
As the sounds of AFVs approached the positions the Rifle Platoon occupying the factory came under direct fire of T72s and BMPs. The advancing Soviets were engaged with both direct from the Infantry and Tank Platoon and indirect fire from the 155mm Battery causing casualties to the enemy.
The Soviets continued to advance on the position with the sounds of armoured vehicles coming from behind the high ground to the front of the troops in the factory. BMPs advanced on to the ruins and dismounted their infantry. The troops in the factory continued to come under direct fire but they remained dug in behind the walls and in their pits.
The Rifle Platoon in the factory reported sighting T64s advancing on their position as well and Soviet forces occupying the ruins to their front. The Anti-Tank Squad engaged and destroyed a Soviet BMP while the 1st Tank Platoon moved forward and engaged the enemy .
The Rifle Platoon reported coming under direct assault of enemy T64s; however the tanks were unable to breech the walls of the factory. It was at this point that the 2nd Tank Platoon relieved their ambush position and engaged the T64s from the flank and destroyed several in the process.
Un-relented the Soviets continued their advance on the factory. A second wave of T64s engaged the 2nd Tank Platoon resulting in 2 x M60s being destroyed. The OP and Anti-Tank Squad reported seeing Soviet infantry advance on their position. The OP took direct fire and had to dismount their vehicle.
The 1st Tank Platoon moved up to the high ground next to the Anti-Tank Squad while the surviving members of the 2nd Tank Platoon moved to cover behind the car park. The 1st Platoon engaged and destroyed several more BMPs while the 2nd Platoon engaged the remaining T64s destroying one.
The Soviets continued their advance engaging and destroying the last of the 2nd Tank Platoon with the T64s, while the dismounted infantry attempted to assault the OP vehicle but were driven off by the machine guns of the 1st Tank Platoon.
The 1st Tank Platoon now advanced to support the troops in the factory while a 2nd Anti-Tank Squad arrived from reserve and engaged and destroyed two more T64s. The commander also called up the supporting LAV25 platoon to support the troops in the factory.
It was at this stage the Soviets called off the attack and withdrew.

Soviets advance on the position. 1st Tank Platoon moves out from the cover of the trees to engage them.
Soviet infantry dismount from their BMPs and advance on the factory.
Soviet tanks advance on the factory. After the infantry have been repulsed by the 1st Platoon who have occupied the factory.
2nd Tank Platoon ambushes the T64s while the 1st Tank Platoon moves up.
Soviets engage and destroy two tanks from the 2nd Tank Platoon. The remained of 2 Platoon move to cover while the 1st Tank Platoon move up to support the Anti-Armour Squad.
Soviets engage and destroy the remainder of the 2nd Tank Platoon.
1st tank Platoon advances in support of the troops in the factory after it had machine-gunned some Soviets that tried to assault the OP vehicle. The LAV25 platoon is called up from reserve to exploit the battle. The Soviets withdraw.

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