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Firestorm: Stripes

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Total War in Brandenburg... 250 Points

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Colonel Ivon-a-drinksky


The Colonel and I decided to have another go at a Total War scenario with me setting up the table this time. We ended up playing Total Victory again with 250 points each. I went for a mixed US Army and Marine force while the Colonel fielded two formations of T72s and a formation of T64s.

The Battlefield was a 12 x 4 table


I had three tank companies. A M1 Company, a IPM1 Company and a Marine M60A1 Company. All companies had infantry support and a Anti-Tank section each as well. The Marines also had a LAV-25 Platoon in support. I decided the IPM1s were going to be in the centre with the Marines holding the right flank and the M1 Company on the left. My plan was to attack forward and secure the objectives with the infantry while the tanks destroyed the enemy. The LAVs would hold back and dart forward and grab anything that was left undefended or harass the rear if possible.
As I lost the roll off the Colonel got to choose what side he wanted and I got to set up first.
The Colonel then deployed. There were a lot of T72s and BMP2 on my right flank. There was also some T72s in the centre right behind the town. A Infantry force set up in the town .
On my right there was a T64 Battalion with BMP2 and Infantry in support.

Gunnery Sergeant Howard sat on the rock in the centre of the position looking at the contents of his MRE and deciding if he was hungry or not when the Skipper came over fresh from orders. Combat Team 2 had been resting for the last few days after the last push. They had received some replacements from Stateside and had their tanks some much needed repairs. Their M60s weren't as new as the Army's M1s but the Marine Tankers knew how to use them.
The "Duke" CT2's CO squatted down next to Howard. "Gunny, we've been given orders to move to Brandenburg. NATO are pushing the commies back and we're taking the fight to them. Get the Platoon Leaders in for orders. Oh and have word to the guys will you. We're with Army on this one. I don't want them stealing everything off them."
Gunny Howard looked at his CO with a smile and thought, Oh great.... Army.........

To Arms, to arms...

The Colonel won the roll for first turn and moved his tanks forward. On my right flank the T64s moved forward using that extra range and engaged the Marines destroying two M60 tanks.
In the centre the infantry with BRDM support secured the town.
On my left the T72's moved forward and engaged the M1s that were in the field. There was a lot of shooting, but not much hitting...
The T72s in the centre were better gunners and managed to destroy a IPM1 and bail another.
The US response was swift with the Marines moving forward securing the objective while engaging the T64's destroying one.
In the centre the IPM1s engaged the T72s destroying two of them, while the ITVs engaged the T64s in the far distance and destroyed one.
On the left the M1s moved forward destroying T72s

At this stage the Soviets have lost ten T72s, two T64s and their BMP OP vehicle, while the US have lost two M60A1s and a IPM1.

On the right the T64s are joined by BMP2s to add their fire power to destroy the Marines, but a very poor role of dice see nothing being hit.
The BMP2 Commander did manage to range in an artillery strike on the advancing Marines killing two stands and pinning them.
While the Soviet Infantry dig in around an objective, their BMPs move around to engage the M60A1s from the flank.
In the centre some T64s move forward and destroy another IPM1 while the T72s move into cover in the field.
On the left flank the T72s move forward and destroy two M1s, but manage to bog three T72s. The BMP2s that are with them move forward and grab an objective.
In response the Soviets now pay dearly for their poor shooting on the right flank. The Marines extract swift vengeance destroying three T64s and a BMP2.
While calling in an Artillery strike of their own destroying an infantry team and bailing two BMPs with direct fire from the Anti-Tank section mounted in HMWWVs.
The IPM1s now move up and return fire at the T64s destroying them with the help on the ITV section to their rear. The second IPM1 platoon moves up and secures the objective.
The left flank has turned into a bloody affair with up close tank duels. One of the M1 Platoons storm into the wheat field destroying two T72s and bailing another.
While the other sits in the forest and engages and destroys the other T72 company.

So far the Soviets have lost seven T64s, fourteen T72s, one BMP2, one BMP OP and an Infantry team. The US have lost two IPM1s, two M1s, two M60A1s and two Infantry stands.

The Soviet T64s and BMP2 now line up to deliver and killing blow to the M60s.......
........ well maybe not.
The BMP2s do manage to destroy a TOW HMWWV forcing the section to take a morale test which they fail, very un-Marine like. The Soviet artillery makes a repeat barrage killing a Dragon team.
On the left the T72s and BMPs try the same thing with pretty much the same result. The 5+ needed to hit the M1s is really playing off in the wheat field. The BRDM2 have managed to secure another objective though. It now stands at three objectives a piece.
The Marines now return fire and destroy all but one T64.
In the centre the IPM1s move across the ford and destroy the BMP2s.
On the left flank the M1s swing around behind the T72s and destroy them, while the second M1 Platoon comes around from the flank and finishes off the surviving T72s causing them to take a formation morale test which they fail.

The T64 Battalion also have to take a Formation Morale test which they fail as well. At the moment the Soviets have lost twenty-two T72s, eleven T74s, eight BMP2s, one BMP OP and an Infantry team. The T64 Battalion on the right flank and the T72 Battalion on the left flank have both broken and left the field, leaving the T72 Battalion in the centre to fight on. The US have lost two M60A1s, two IPM1s, two M1s and three Marine teams.

The Soviet air cover finally arrives and immediately destroy two M1s on the left flank.
While the remaining T72s on the right swing around and engage the M1s, but again the 5+ to hit is too much.
The T72s in the centre re-position themselves and engage and destroy the two IPM1s in the wheat field.
But it's too little too late as the LAV-25s rush forward and secure an objective.
While the US Observer calls in an artillery strike on the ZSUs that were crossing the bridge into town, destroying one.
On the left the M1s finish off the T72s and the ITVs move forward to secure the objective. The US now have five of the six objectives.

With that the Colonel decides to withdraw leaving the field to the US.


It was a really good game. I think my plan was sound, but also the Colonel was yet again rolling bad...
We are using the table again but moving the river and attacking down the axis of the table next game.

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