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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Encounter at Frankfurt

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Colonel Ivon-a-drinksky

After a string of big battles on a large table the Colonel and myself decided to do a few smaller battles on smaller battlefield. The Colonel put together a battlefield and I rolled for the mission which ended up being Encounter out of the More Missions booklet. We then rolled off for who would choose the location which I won and I picked Frankfurt. After that it was rolling for who would be attacker, which I won.

The battlefield.


As per the mission requirements half of our forces would come on as reserves. We then took turns in placing units on the table. As the attacker I went first. I choose my two Tank Platoons, my Mech Platoon and the ITV Section as well as OP and command vehicle to start the game with.

I went for a Echelon Right deployment with the Mech Platoon dismounted and defending an objective while their carriers defended the other objective. The two Tank Platoons I deployed in the wheat fields with the ITV section ready to move forward.
Once I saw how the Colonel had deployed I decided I was going to push hard on my right flank and try and swamp his defences there before the third turn. Knowing there were four Mi-24s waiting to come on I wanted to get into the cover of the wheat fields as fast as possible.
The Colonel deployed very similar to myself with two companies of T72s with one on each flank. A BMP company on one objective and a Spandrel platoon on the other.

To arms.....

We roll off to see who would go first and the Colonel rolled a one.... this would be the first of many ones he would roll. I roll a four and start off first.

I advance with the 1st tank Platoon who are on the right up to the tree line where they can see through a gap in the opposite tree line at the T72s in the wheat field. The 2nd Platoon move over to the right flank to reinforce the 1st Platoon.
The dismounted infantry dig in around the objective while the ITV section sit in over watch. On the left flank the M113s are in the tree line securing the far objective.
The 1st Platoon engage the T72s in the wheat field destroying one and making three bail.
In response the Soviets move forward. On their right flank the T72s move up to the treeline while the BMP mounted infantry advance forward to the right flank.
On the Soviet left flank two T72s managed to remount as the T72s moved to the treeline while the Spandrels hung back defending the objective. Those vehicles that had clear shots then returned fire on the M1s of 1st Platoon and the lead tank of 2nd Platoon..
Causing two vehicles from 1st Platoon to bail, and...
and the lead tank of 2nd Platoon to bail as well.

Time is a major factor, the US forces know Soviet Reinforcements are coming so they push hard on the right flank. The two tanks in 1st Platoon fail to remount, but the 2nd Platoon tank does get back in. The 1st Platoon stays in position in the tree line as fire support as the 2nd Platoon assaults into the wheat field.
The T72s are engaged and another two are destroyed while another one bails.

The T72s on the Soviet left flank pull back in the wheat field and engage the M1s that managed to make it into the field while the Spandrels engage the M1s of 1st Platoon.
On the Soviet right flank the T72s advance towards the threat of the M1s of the 2nd Platoon while the BMPs continue to move towards the objective.
After some very poor firing by the Soviets they manage to destroy a 2nd Platoon M1 and bail another. The 1st Platoon remain safe behind the tree line.
The US Commander radios for reinforcements, but none answer the call. The tanks that were bailed out though do all manage to remount and with that 1st Platoon join 2nd Platoon in the wheat field engaging and destroying two Spandrels and another four T72s.
While the Company Commander joins the fight and destroys a T72 and forces another to bail.
The Soviet Commander is a bit luckier and managers to call up a company of Mi-24s that fly in and engage the 1st platoon trying to dislodge them off the objective. The surviving Spandrel passes his morale test but moves back so he in at minimum range to engage the M1s of 1st Platoon. The Soviet right flank T72s start to move into the wheat field to engage the M1s.
On the Soviet right flank the BMPs continue to advance towards their objective engaging the M113s defending it and make one bail.
Out of a total of eight shots the Soviets manage to destroy a 2nd Platoon M1 and bail a 1st Platoon M1.
The US Commander finally gets through on the radio and managers to get the VAD Platoon to move forward. As soon as they enter the battle space they engage the Mi-24s destroying two of them.
While the M1s of 1st and 2nd Platoon consolidate around the objective after they have destroyed the last Spandrel and another three T72s.

The Soviet Commander calls for more reinforcements, but none arrive. Never-less he continues to push T72s into the wheat field to try and dislodge the M1s from the objective.

On the Soviet right flank the BMPs move up and engage the M113s defending the objective, destroying one.
The T72s engage the M1s but fail to hit while the remaining Mi-24s are brought down by defensive Anti-Air fire.

With that the US Commander secures the objective and the Soviets withdraw from the field of battle.


The butchers bill was light for the US only loosing two M1s and a M113, while the Soviets lost twelve T72s, four Mi-24s and three Spandrels.
After Action Review:
The Colonel and I sat down after and discussed the game and what went wrong for him. He had a good plan of pushing forward with the BMPs to secure the objective while the T72s engaged the M1s. Some very poor dice rolls on his behalf didn't help much. I was happy with the M1s and was very lucky that Soviet reinforcements didn't arrive that could of contested the objective.
All up it was a 6 - 1 victory to the US.

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