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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Recon by Force Hamburg Part 2

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Colonel Ivon-a-drinksky

My son and I enjoyed last nights game so much we though we have another crack at it, but with a minor adjustment. As we were playing on a 6×4 table and not a 4 x 4 table we’d go for random deployment.

Set Up

Deployment zones are bottom right is 1, bottom centre is 2 and bottom left is 3. Top left is 4, top centre is 5 and 6 is top right. We rolled at the start of the game once objectives had been set down to where you would set up. I rolled a 5 while the Colonel rolled a 3.
I place my objectives in the park and in some buildings.
The Colonel places his objectives on the main road and in among some buildings.
Being the attacker I set up first. The two infantry platoons occupy a building each, while the tanks and FO deploy on the road. Artillery is to the rear in an opening and my Cobras are off table as per the mission requirements.
The Colonel deploys his BRDM2 first and does a spear head so he can expand his deployment zone. He sets his T55s up on the road and his BMP horde up behind the building with his ATGW Zugs and Artillery behind them. It looks like he is going to go for a grab of the objectives again.

Turn One

As I'm the attacker I go first. My Cobra's are off the table and my Artillery are considered moving, well actually they did. I moved them forward to seize the objective on the road while remaining in cover behind the buildings. The 1st Platoon with the OC attached moved into the building on the side of the road and took up positions covering down the road and over one of the objectives. They were just outside the 4" range. The 2nd Platoon I sent across the road into the church to occupy the major objective, while I sent the tanks to support them. The Colonel in response surges his troops forward. The large infantry force moves across the park while the BRDMs move up and engage the troops in the building killing a SAW stand. The small infantry force remain in their BMP1s and move around the flank behind the buildings.
Soviet infantry surge forward. One of the Spandrel units takes up a position covering down the road, while the other moves with the BMP1s. The BMP2s wait to move forward caught up in the traffic jam.

Turn Two

The Cobra platoon come on and take up an over watch position getting ready to pop up next turn and engage some tanks. The 1st Platoon stays in their buildings, but engages and destroys a BRDM2 with Dragon fire. The 2nd Platoon occupy the church in force. The platoon Medium Direct Fire Support Weapon (MDFSW or MSAW) has a shot at a BRDM and hits destroying it. The tanks move up so they can fire down the side of the church. Only three tanks have shots, but that is enough to destroy the rest of the BRDMs and two T55s. In response the East German infantry move forward and engage the church with LMG fire killing a SAW team. The Spandrel Commander calls in artillery fire while the other two vehicles fire on the M60s. The artillery ranges in but fails to hit anything while a Spandrel make a M60 bail. At the end of Turn Two I hold two objectives with one being the major.
East German LMG fires manages to pin the platoon with direct fire, but only kill one SAW team.

Turn Three

The 2nd Platoon passes the morale and un-pins. As I've started my turn holding the major objective and a minor the game is mine.


I was very lucky to roll and five and have my deployment zone so close to everything. The Colonel was on the back foot from the word go. All in all I thought he played an excellent game, especially as he is only new to the system.

Excuse the picture, can't seem to get it the right way up.... The Colonel and myself with the Best Commander trophy. Best Commander gets his name engraved and has bragging rights till the next campaign. I'm heading back overseas so this will be the last game between us for awhile.

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