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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Seize the Bridges.

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Colonel Ivon-a-drinksky

This was a quick battle that my son put together using the quick missions. We changed a few things and beefed the points up to 100. As always this was a hotly contested game with no quarter given. I originally thought to push down over the rail bridge but he had a platoon of Recon BMPs in ambush that whacked me good. At the same time he tried to surge forward and capture his objective over the other side of the village. I used the tree line and forest with great effect turning the road into a kill zone.
In the end this is where all the action was happening and my son forgot about the reserves I had arriving from his side of the board in turn four, which for a changed arrived on time. They promptly rolled up the air defense unit he had there as I had destroyed his BMPs the prior. He had nothing in the area that could counter in and the game was mine.
It was a good game as the one I had a few nights ago against Gman I had lost focus and failed to follow the basics of maneuver warfare and concentration of firepower.

The tree lines were a major factor and offered excellent cover. As my son advanced across the open to the left of the village I engaged him with the platoon of M1s I had on the hill. That platoon then withdrew in a shoot and scoot to the first tree line and engaged him again. This drew him in and he kept sending more and more tanks down that flank till he had stripped his left flank of the platoon he had there.
I then engaged him again then moved behind the next tree line. I have to say the 2+ cross check really helped here. I did loose two tanks from my platoon of M1s which was like blood to a school of sharks to my son.
It was at this stage that my reserves arrived and promptly rolled over the defence he had on the objective.

This was a change of force for me as I've been fielding a USMC RCT; however at 100 points I thought I'd field a Army Combat Team. I'm not sure the M60's could of handled the amount of fire that was been thrown down range. I will be trying this scenario again but with RCT2.

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