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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Fed to the Wolves

West German
VS British

If only they knew... The hunter becomes the hunted

65 points. Recon in Force Mission. 4x4 table.

Captain Steiner had a bad feeling about this one. His element was supposed to link up with a British unit which which was tasked to eliminate a Soviet Hind Air Support Company just east of the rally point. Several days earlier they were still in contact with the Brit unit. However, a day later, it started to become difficult to communicate with the said unit. They would just roar and growl on the comms constantly saying that they would kill the "traitor legions" that caused an edition change causing a certain unbalance. Steiner had no idea what that meant. He just hoped that his ally didnt go crazy over the war.

Kampfgruppe Tehror. 65 Point Panzergrenadier Army with 3 Leopard 2s and 4 PAH helo support.
Something was waiting for them... not the allies they were supposed to meet.
Starting corner position. Luchs deploy to the left along with a full squad of Panzergrenadiers in an attempt to sieze an objective on the left as well as cover the central objective.
The marders dash up the right flank followed by the two gepards. The Leos position themselves behind cover taking an objective and attempts to engage and eliminate some chieftains.
Luchs take the left objective and stay behind a house out of line of sight.
of course bad guys will be bad guys.
The Leopards open fire but my rolls were bad.
And I roll a 1 for my firepower test for that single unsaved hit I made.
Stationary Chieftains.... more or less going to score at least 3 hits.... and my saves suck.
My marders and Gepards fire on the advancing transport units. Some infantry stands are killed in the process.
Contesting the center.

South of that enemy infantry unit going for the central objective is my panzergrenadier unit in a house. They fire their MGs but that infantry 3+ save is just golden.

The PAH Helod evade the SAM Rapiers and earn their points. Though I was hoping that they would take down the rest of the enemy tanks. Sadly that did not happen.

The Gepards are destroyed by the enemy infantry and the marders can bo longer hold the tide.
Asides from my choppers starting to get hit, unseen is my Panzergrenadier unit being hammered and eliminated by Abbots and Chieftains.
Hoping to get a rematch this weekend.

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  • Cryofrost says:

    i like your cartoonish style

  • recce103c says:

    Terror, beautiful models you have there and I like the terrain set up;

    kinky as the Comics, great fun and A LOT OF WORK!!

    worth the Commendation for an Excellent AAR and effort

    gain experience!

  • Terror says:

    Thanks! Making batreps can become a task so I try to out new ideas to keep it interesting (and challenging) to make. Believe it or not i just use those comic apps that you can download on your phone which is why it can be quite tedious to make this…and why the theater closed before I could finish this. A desktop/laptop and photoshop is still better… and easier but I don’t have a computer at home…and too busy to do it at work.

  • PEIPER says:

    Loved it!
    What do you use for the comic layout and such on your reports? Too bad about the loss but hey, we still get points for trying!
    Deff worth the Comm

  • HMS_Belfast says:

    The battle report is absolutely fantastic. But Space Wolves don’t have Chaplains, they have Wolf Priests instead 😀 .

    With the Combo X 10 bit you definitely earned a commendation though.

  • Storm Caller says:

    And now for something completely different!

    When will hammer slammer make a showing?

    Have to agree with the below three.

    You have true talent!

    Recommend on the work alone

  • Nabeshin says:

    What the hell am I reading? XD You had me giggling and wondering if I took the wrong pills today. Excellent effort and a commendation for bringing me joy, but I hope you understand that this wont net us anything points-wise, and people are going to be all over it for being against the lore. 😉 Well done though, and I hope you had a blast making that because I had a blast reading it.

  • M. Nisbet says:

    I have to be honest, and this is just my own opinion. The battle report is lovely… but the style is not to my liking, and neither is the paint job on the Brits.
    Still, they look good, the battle report looks good so a commendation and a high rating for you.

  • Kubikhan says:

    Glad it’s Blue on Blue, as it won’t matter quite as much! Tough loss, but worth a commendation.
    If BF doesn’t hire you to do a retrospective on the Firestorm campaigns, they’re missing a golden opportunity.
    I for one would certainly buy a copy of “Terror’s Official History of the Firestorm.”

    Commendation, indeed!

    Kubikhan, z.D.