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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

First Blood Is Red

West German
VS Warsaw Pact

The town was peaceful. Too Peaceful. Lt. Voughn scanned the quiet town somewhere on the outskirts of Hanover. Not even a stray dog in sight worried him. What worried him even more was their new captain. Captain Knackerhed seemed too eager to prove himself. The captain struck him as one of those go getter officers... eager to get a medal. The LT did not disrespect the captain at all. He was proud to serve with any German who is ready to die for his country. He just hoped that this one would not get the others killed.

Got my buddy to play a quick 50 point game.

Lt. Voughn was proud of this rag-tag force. A mix of units from different companies torn up by the Soviet onslaught... sewn together into a hodge podge unit of both veterans and green soldiers. This captain is new though and the LT was unsure of his capabilities.

Job is to scout and try to take this small town.

My 49 point force
Panzergrenadier HQ with Min. Platoon
3 Leopard 2s
3 Leo1s
2 platoons of Luchs

West Germans are the attacker for this battle.

One Leo 2 gets bogged down while crossing the river.

Soviets wait while dug in to spring their counter attack.
Luchs open up on the BDRMs killing one. The remaining one eventually flees.
A leo 2 fires its main gun but misses the Shilkas.
A unit of Luchs dash to take the center objective.
Leopard 1s move and get a clear shot at a group of Soviet tank hunters in the hopes to unseat the Soviet threat to the central objective.
The soviets take their turn.
The Luchs armor holds up against the rapid fire guns of the shilka.
But the T64 cannons cut through their armor like it was nothing.
The other T64 platoon and their HQ catch the Leo 1s in the open. The Leo1 platoon is destroyed.
The remaining Luchs from Recon 2 fails its motivation roll.
Germans Respond
MILAN team and Luchs fire on the Shilkas.
The Leo2s advance to the center and open up on the nearest T64 platoon destroying 2 and bailing one out. The remaining one makes its motivation test and the bailed out tank shorty becomes active again.
The power of Leopard 2 tanks are not enough the diminish the push of the Soviet tanks. They press on forward bringing the fight into a close quarter battle.
...and they finish the fight. The remaining Leo 2 pulls back.

"Sir we lost all our armor! We have to pull back." Yelled Lt. Voughn over the loud crack of a Russian tank round hitting the eastern wall of the house. "You go!" Yelled back the captain. "Sir?" responded the Lt. "Leave that MILAN with me and a couple of panzerfausts. I'll cover your retreat. There is nothing left for me. They took the only thing I cared for when they started this. Now I'll take a few of them with me. Now go!"

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