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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign


Warsaw Pact
VS United States
Super Quench

The Americans return to fight my Soviet tank lists. We upped the points to 64 so the Americans could get larger M-1 tank platoons on the table. They had the CO along with two 3 tank platoons, along with a small infantry platoon and ITOWs. Against this was 9 T-64s, Spandrel BRDMs, and a motor rifle company. The larger M-1 platoons are less brittle than before, and they withstood the usual Soviet charge much better. We played the No Retreat mission with the Soviets on the attack. With half the defense off table in reserve and only one US armor platoon allowed at the start, it was perfect for my standard rapid attack opening.

The Americans deploy to protect the closer objective.
The Soviets ready the charge.
And we're off! The Americans get two minefields, which they have deployed in the two sections of woods in front of the objective. Keeps me out of them on my rapid move and channels me into the kill zones, good call by Super Quench!
The view from my side. The three M-1s in the background are about to deploy in ambush.
but not before we zap an ITOW. It's buddy sticks around, though, so we can't just rush the back objective.
Opening fire by the Americans burns two T-64s.
We keep moving up to bring the M-1's under close range fire.
The infantry get's pinned (yellow chicken!) by the BMPs, while the T-64's manage to blow two fire power checks and only bail out one M-1.
I moved the Spandrel launchers up to get a shot on the M-1s. Would have worked, too, except I forget the infantry has Dragon launchers. They punish me by burning all my armored cars.
M-1s burn two more T-64s and scoot back out of the way.
Down to business. The infantry unass the transports and readies the assault on the objective!
Looks bad if you are a US grunt, eh?
The Assault bounces with minimal casualties on each side, and the M-1s "chicken out" a T-64.
Another bloody but indecisive assault goes in.
Here we see where the dice decided it was not my day. T-64s hit 3 M-1s, resulting in two bails only. The Spandrels hit another M-1, another bail. Four ones in a row on firepower checks result in no dead American tanks and that's going to be it.
The M-1s all remount, and my T-64's start burning under a hail of sabot rounds.
We fight on, but then the BMPs get burned.
Here come the M-1s to mop up what's left of my tank battalion.

I finally have to report a loss. Super Quench played it well, with mines to channel my rapid assault into the kill zones, shooting and scooting the M-1s and remaining ITOW to keep the return fire to a minimum, and then bribing my dice so they couldn't pass a firepower check when I hit the M-1s with return fire. My guys couldn't perform, and he didn't make any mistakes that would let me claw my way back into game.

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