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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Tip Of The Lance, Crack Of My Ass

West German
VS United States

0824 HOURS

Hauptmann Mutterlieber was none too pleased about being chosen by the top brass to placate some overly eager Amerikaner itching to test their new guns. Mutterlieber thought it obvious that this was but a brief commercial break before the war resumed again; he was certain the men needed R&R far more than they needed war games. Nevertheless, his objections were overruled and here he was.

He muttered curses into his coffee while he watched the Americans move across the field to their designated start positions. The Americans weren't bringing any Abrams' at least, so he didn't have to worry about depleted uranium paintball rounds. Small blessings, Mutterlieber thought to himself. He patted down his mullet before keying in the mic at his throat...


This is the last round of a local tournament I played in. The day is capped off with an old classic:


OPFOR(M113 Rifle Company):

HQ M16 Team
2x Rifle Platoon - 4 SAW, 3 Dragon
Rifle Platoon - 3 SAW, 2 Dragon
4x2 M901 ITV
6 M109s w/Copperheads
M113 OP
4 Cobra
4 A10


My opponent doesn't have any Spearhead units, allowing me to use mine without contest. After he starts castling up on the right with 2 of his 3 infantry platoons, I put one British rifle platoon in forward positions on the left instead. The other one hangs back.

I 'win' the roll off to see who gets first turn. Inverted commas, because I already realised that I need smoke bombardments to really make a move, which I can't open with if I go first. Nevertheless, as Julius Caesar said, the die has been cast...


I start off with trying to snipe his ITVs. In this regard I was successful. The Luchs on the left charge forward and with a blitz move are able to knock out a pair of ITVs. That opens them to being eliminated by LAWs and Dragons, but it was a worthwhile trade in my opinion. The Leo 2s knock out another, causing its partner to flee. The Leopard 1s on the right dash to shift to where they are needed but unfortunately their movement isn't enough to get all of them to safety.

Valiant sacrifice
Tail in the wind

The A10s fail to show on turn 1. Unsurprisingly the Luchs on the left get deleted. Luck seems to be with the Leo 1s for now at least as combined fire from Cobras and ITVs only results in a single bailed tank. The M109s try to knock out the parked Gepards but only bail one.

When turn 2 comes I finally get moving with what I intended to do all along. The British infantry platoon on the left get up and moving, backed up by their CO and all the attendant FV432s. One of my Leo 2s get stuck in the woods, but the remaining 2 move to support the Brits as well. My CO blitzes out to spot for smoke. On the other side of the table though, my Leo 1s swing around and knock out the US OP, solving the Copperhead problem. The Redeyes also snipe 2 of the Cobras.

His A10s arrive on his turn 2 and line up on my Leo 2s unsurprisingly. The VADS unit shifts left to preempt my incoming infantry. On the right side both his infantry platoons mount up and sprint forward. Even the M109s move up. A race for the objectives is shaping up. Much to my displeasure, the A10s shrug off the entirety of my AA fire including even desperation AA MG shots. I lose 2 of my Leo 2s but fortunately the last one sticks around (recurring trend here). ITVs and Cobras knock out a Gepard as well as 2 of my Leo 1s, causing the last one to flee

The race begins

My infantry continue the march forward on the left, this time without smoke cover. I don't manage to do any damage to the infantry guarding my real target though. My Leo 2 picks off a VADS. On the other side of the table I have a trick up my sleeve to slow down my opponent's push; my Redeye unit leader calls down minelets upon the M113s. My last Luchs pop out and together with Milan fire knock out 3 of the M109s.

His A10s show up again, but this time he sends them after my Gepards. Unsurprisingly he dismounts some of his men to deal with the mines. My key infantry platoon takes fire from everything else he can throw from it and start taking losses. On the right, my last Luchs unit goes up in flames.

From Deutschland mit liebe

The push on the left cannot proceed while all his M113s and VADs have their guns trained on the infantry there. Said infantry dig in and wait while my sole Leo 2 goes to work and picks off another VADS. This time round, the FV432s are able to pick off infantry teams from his unit while the mortar carriers fire at the very edge of their range and pick off another.

The A10s arrive once again(urgh) and pounce on my FV432 mortars. More importantly the mines are swept away and my opponent is finally able to resume his attack on the right. The massed M113s move up and start laying into the as yet fresh British platoon with .50cals. Meanwhile on the left the remaining VADS and move away from my dug in infantry to set up a crossfire.

My Redyes pick off another A10 before the remaining ones lay waste to my FV432 mortars. The platoon on the left take heat from everything my opponent can throw at it including SAW fire but no effective hits are dealt.

Racially insensitive objective marker

Now for the home stretch. The infantry on the left get up and move forward backed up by the APCS and the last Leo 2, while my Gepards move to get a bead on the VADS. The VADS are removed easily while the infantry and Leo 2s get rid of the M113s and the FV432s pin the US infantry, clearing the way for the charge that ends the game. After losing a few more teams in the scrap, in the end I beat down what's left of his platoon as well as his HQ to close out the win.

Pest removal
All in


Sitting within his paint-spattered command tank, Hauptmann Mutterlieber could hear his American counterpart chewing out his entire command over the radio. He rolled his eyes; any lingering doubt about the American CO not being a stereotypical Yankee blowhard quickly evaporated.

At least the exercise was quick. Mutterlieber estimated that he and his men would be able to book out of camp in time for lunch. Thoughts of the 3 best Ws in life(wine, wurst and women) filled his head as the Leopard 1 turned around and headed home.

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