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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Raven takes out 14th BTR-60 Regimental Command

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VS Warsaw Pact
Red Bear
Royal Hawaiian Gamers Salute O Report

“Enjoy the music”

Special Air Service March

Royal Hawaiian Gamers SALUTE O report

Size =25

Activity =Quick Mission Recon Force I Attacked

Location = Hamburg Operational area, Hamburg Theater

Unit = Special Air Service with the support of Welsh Cavalry

Time = 1000 30 March 2018

Enemy = Elements of the 14th BTR-60 Regiment of the 1st Motorized Rifle Davison Red Bear

Outcome = I won 5 - 2

Raven force had located the Head Quarters of the 14th BTR-60 Regiment of the 1st Motorized Rifle Davison Red Bear during the very early hours of the morning. The two SAS section had moved into place under the eyes of a sniper team. The two Scorpions of the Welsh Cavalry had worked their way north of the Headquarter.

Ravens Scorpion’s

It was 0300 and all was in place when all hell broke out to the South, in the vicinity were two Spartan transport had been left! Then one of the Spartans exploded from what sounded like 14.5 fire.


The Snipe team killed the only visible guard! The two Section fired there 66mm Anti-Tank rockets at two BTR command vehicle with three radio antenna’s each! Then swiped north thru the position to the other side

We make house call. Late night call too!

The Captain in charge of the Scorpion section, advance south along the road, destroying one BTR-60 outpost. The wing Scorpion started to lay smoke to cover the retreating SAS well the Captains Scorpion engaged infantry coming to the aide of the Command vehicles.

Raven strikes

The SAS headed North under the cover of Dark! But the Sun was rising in the East!

I win 5-2
Who Dares Wins!

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