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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

At the forward edge of the Battle - with British forces

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Storm Caller
VS Warsaw Pact
Royal Hawaiian Gamers SALUTE O report

The Welsh Guards and a few friends hold in Ruhr!

The Salute O report

Size 60 points

Activity from Leopard book “AT THE FORWARD EDGE OF BATTLE” as the Defender

Location Ruhr operation Area, Ruhr Strategic theater

Unit 1st Battalion Welsh Guards with support from 2nd Royal Tank Regiment

Time 1100 1 April 2018

Enemy Force 4th Company 11th Tank Battalion

Outcome I won 5 to 2

Battle Report

The book battle layout. British on Bottom
Our actual layout. British at Bottom
Welsh Guards Battle Honors

Major Black, of the Welsh Guards, had seen this ground before, both as a defended and as an aggressor, during his multiple training exercises. With this knowledge he deployed his 1st Platoon with a company GPMG to the east of the road and back far into the wood. Just to the west of the road in the wood he deployed the 3 Mobile Milan’s with a line of sight to the Northeast by East and hidden from view to the North. To the south behind the Mobile Milan’s were deployed the blow pipe team at the woods edge. Further to the West were the 2nd Platoon with the other Company GPMG and were two Chieftains of 3rd Troop of 2nd Royal Tank Regiment (RTR). Pair of TOW Lynx’s helicopters was out of sight and awaiting just South East of the town.

Royal Tank Regiment

The Soviets forces were advancing south with a T-72 tank company on the east side of the road. The BMPs had advance just in front of a wood area just to the west of the road and had formed a firing line looking south east. The Scouts had led the Soviet Infantry to a wooded area further southwest, just north of 2nd Platoon. A second T-72 Tank Company was behind these woods to the North. There had been reports of a pair of Hind D to the Northeast.

Hind D's

The Hind D’s made there presents known when they came out of the South East to attack the Lynx Helicopters!

The Blow Pipe teams were on the game their game and took them out!

The Soviet continued to advance but had no targets to fire at!

It fly's it Dies!

The T-72 company was advancing down the east side of the road when four T-72 exploded! The fire had come from the three chieftains of 1st Troop 2nd RTR hidden in the town. Then the other two exploded when the TOW Lynx’s engaged along with a two Milan team of the 1st Platoon!

1st Troop 2nd Royal Tank Regiment target practice!

The BMPs advance at full speed towards 1st Platoon but where just out of range! The remaining tank company swung to the southwest around the wood to get into position to support the soviet infantry attack on the 2nd platoon.

T-72 Moving West of the Woods

The Mobile Milan’s platoon commander orders them to adjust to the North to support 2nd Platoon! Two made it no position and fired, destroying a single BMP! The Third broken a track and were trying to fix it! The BMP’s return fired with missiles and guns, causing both to explode from multiple hits! The three crew members of the last mobile Milan head south to warn the blowpipe what was coming!

The 3rd Troop RTR moved forward and engaged the T-72 coming around the wood to the west! Their fires took out three tanks and block the route for the other three. The 1st Troop RTR fired and destroyed the only BMP they could see and moved west to support the 2nd Platoon. The Lynx’s also adjusted to support 2nd Platoon by moving just south of the 2nd Platoon in among the woods northern edge. The 2nd Platoon just waited for what they knew was coming!

3rd Troop 2nd Royal Tank Regiment Target Practice

The BMP’s advanced to the South East with the scouts among them!

The two scouts are on the road!

The Soviet Infantry charged 2nd Platoon but drive back by the combined fire of 2nd Platoon and their FV432. The remaining three, T-72 fired at the 3rd Troop, destroying one! The second was in the process of backing up when the Company commanders FV 432 drove up beside them.

Major Black asked “Why are you backing up?” The sergeant replied in quick order “Sir, to get a better shot, Sir” The Sergeant then asked “Sir, can I carry on?” “Yes” replied Major Black. The sergeant just said “Firer” another T-72 exploded follow by another a few moments later. The last T-72 was backing away when it was hit by a TOW missile.

Its got to be said! British Infantry Dug in and in woods! She right mate!
Please note the Commander! Just south of the T-72

The soviet infantry started heading North along with their BMPs. The remaining forces of the Red Division would form up and head north to link up with Soviet forces in Bremen.

It had been a long war!

Storm Caller Wins 5 To 2
When will Cossack Learn!
Are they done Yet!
Yes, Cossack is done!

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  • Quicksilver says:

    Great report as always and nice win!

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    Good report and nice table. Well sone.

  • Red-batya says:

    Nice cat. I don’t read on English well but report looks great 🙂
    From Russia with love to fun and friendly play 🙂
    They made me do this!!

  • PhillipRus says:

    Excellent report.
    From Russia with love to fun and friendly play 🙂
    Missed this one earlier.

  • recce103c says:

    Great report. Tough fighting. Thanks for posting.

  • Klute says:

    Congrats on your victory. Well Done. Lead from the front to victory. Thanks for sharing.

  • Storm Caller says:

    The cats do think to play with the models!

  • Victor says:

    Refreshing change to see some cats, even participating 😀

  • Major Beaver says:

    I love the sight of a victorious Chieftain. Good job.

  • Storm Caller says:

    Oh the cats really enjoy the table, love the Matt and all the fun trees to play with! Even a sims card or two!

  • Storm Caller says:

    There should be a few more reports off this table! It was setup for two weeks at the House! I believe only four players in our group didn’t play on it! The true fun part was when roles were switch and forces challenged.

    This was Cossack second game on the table, his first was against Wittmen, Cossack believed he could take me if I used British! Wittmen won a steak dinner with beer of Cossack! Does that tell you we’re are Group is heading!

  • bayankhan says:

    good report, enjoy the luau

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    Looks good!

  • Red Alert says:


    Ouch, that is only pictures of burning tanks. You never see the enemy.

    Probably a likely outcome in some scenarios.

  • PanzerGrau says:

    Congratulations on your victory comrade. Thanks for posting.

  • Der Scholinger says:

    Very cool report