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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Operation Planet 10

West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Operation Pre-briefing


SUMMARY: (S) Joint Task Force Banzai reports contact between U.S. Marine Company, supported by Kampfgruppe Von Stein, and elements of a Soviet T-64 Company outside the city of Hanau, Frankfurt Corridor.

DETAILS: (S) Having suffered significant losses during the conducting of Operation Yoyodyne, involving the NATO incursion into the Brandenburg corridor, Hauptmann Von Stein and the remnants of Kampfgruppe Von Stein were recalled to FOB Rawhide, located outside of Stuttgart. After refitting, Command, Joint Task Force Banzai, requested Kampgruppe Von Stein to forward deploy, once again, to the besieged Frankfurt corridor.

(S) U.S. EUCOM Command, received intelligence reports suggesting a Soviet T-64 and Guard Motor Company were en route to Hanau, within the Frankfurt corridor, to capture forward deployed NATO intelligence group and fuel reserves. Currently, a company of U.S. Marines is stationed within the Frankfurt region to provide protection to the forward deployed NATO intelligence group. U.S. Command requested the assistance of Kampfgruppe Von Stein to reinforce the U.S. Marine Company and to repel the incoming Soviet column.

(S) Upon arriving in Hanau the U.S. Marine Company and Kampfgruppe Von Stein engaged the Soviet T-64 Company. Engagement between Soviet T-64 Company and U.S. and Task Force Banzai forces is photo-documented below along with the Operation briefing.

Satellite surveillance of Hanau region.

Lay of the land

U.S. and West German deployment area.
Soviet deployment areas.
Right flank objective in front of NATO command building.
Left flank objective near the fuel reserves.

Deployment of forces

All forces deployed.
The view from the long guns.
Soviets arrange to lob steel death down on the NATO forces.
Soviet forces spearhead forwardto grab the fuel reserves.

Initial push

The U.S. Marines land in advance of the Soviet push for the fuel.
Kampfgruppe Von Stein Marders speed forward to assist the Marines in securing the fuel reserves.
The second group of Von Stein’s Marders push forward to pressure the Soviet artillery. This resolves in the destruction of two of the Russian long guns.
U.S. artillery volleys a barrage into one of the Soviet T-64 platoons, baling two of the tanks.
The T-64s respond by pushing forward and destroying the Marine’s anti-tank Humvees and one of the Marders.
On the right flank the remaining Soviet artillery pushes forward and vaporizes one of the Marders. Russian T-64s push forward but fail to hit the remaining Marders.

oorah, here come the marines

The Marine infantry and West German Marders push forward and destroy one of the advanving BMPs and bail the other two crews.
On the right flank, Von Stein’s Marders take out the remaining Soviet artillery then reverse into positions of cover.
West German Jaguars and Panzergrenadiers (stationed in the buildings) fire Milan shots at the advancing T-64s, taking out three of them.
Miffed the Jaguars harrassed his friends, Russian T-64s advance on the right flank and destroy one of the Jaguars. Believing discretion to be the better part of valor, the remaining Jaguar retreats.

Advancing on the flanks

U.S. M60 platoon arrives from reserve and dispatchemthe remaining T-64 and bail the two BMPs guarding the fuel reserves. The West German Marders advance and kill two of the Russian Shilkas.
After bailing the remaining two BMPs, the Marines advance and capture the Soviet crews.
Attempting to soften up the dug in Panzergrenadiers, the Soviet T-64s advance and unload on the two buildings. Luckily, good German architecture withstands the brutal assault and the German infantry remain unscathed.

Tank Duel

The Marders advance forward to dispatch the remaining Soviet Shilkas.
The U.S. M60s snipe at the T-64s (which were attacking the right objective) resulting in the destruction of one of the monster tanks.
U.S. artillery continues to harass the Soviet T-64 column, managing to destroy one of the advancing tanks.

The unlikeliest of heroes

The Marine’s M60s take out two of the three T-64s in one platoon, forcing the platoon to retreat. The Leopard 1s open into the front platoon destroying one and bailing another.
In an unexpected, and slightly humorous incident, the Marine AAVP-7s lob grenades at the remaining T-64, forcing the Soviet tankers to exit the vehicle to see what the heck hit them. In the confusion, the German Panzergrenadier platoon rush out of the building and capture the Soviet crew.
The U.S. artllery opens on the incoming BMP horde taking out the incoming Spandrel AT platoon. With the loss of the two T-64 platoons and Spandrels, and still looking to face three tank platoons and four infantry platoons, the Soviet commander ordered a retreat.

Battle Analysis

This was the last game of the campaign I played, and probably one of the most enjoyable games. Due to an odd number of us showing up for the Team Yankee campaign event at the local gaming store, we ended up having my West Germans and a U.S. player, each fielding 50 points, against Jeremy's 100 points of Soviets. Jeremy brought a large amount of terrain and built one of the nicest tables I have had the chance to play on to date. This made the game very cinematic and enjoyable.

Having the combined arms of my West Germans and the U.S. players Marines was interesting. We initially rolled poorly for reserves, but this may have worked to our advantage in the end as everything came on right at the nick of time (like all good cavalry). Jeremy had some very unfortunate rolls in regards to saving against artillery, which ended up whittling down his T-64 platoons little by little. Additionally, the nature of the placement of objectives led to my two Panzergrenadier platoons establishing footholds at the beginning of the game in buildings immediately adjacent to the objective next to Jeremy's reinforcement entry zone. They proved very difficult to dislodge once dug in, even with the T-64's brutal cannons.

The other objective was quickly secured by the U.S. Marines helicoptering into the adjacent area. The most entertaining play of the game had to be the Marine AAVP-7s advancing on the remaining T-64s and just lobbing grenades at the big tanks. This resulted in the remaining T-64 bailing, and my infantry taking the tank and crew. I found the mental image of the T-64s being harassed by AAVP-7 grenades to be extremely funny.

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West German


  • Stone says:

    Thanks Klute. This was an outstandingly fun game and it was a lot of fun teaming up with you. Jeremy made an outstanding table which was a joy to play on.

  • Klute says:

    This was fun game. Great table Jeremy and a great NATO partner. Congrats on the AAR shout out and award….

    I had a blast. My AARV gunner was awarded a Bronze Star yesterday……

    Best table and best AAR of the campaign. Proud to have played with you guys…

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Wow, Awesome AAR! Looks it was a great game!

  • Red Alert says:

    Nice effects bring the report forth.

    Congratulations on the win 🙂

  • Stone says:

    Thanks Jeremy. The table you set up was probably the best I have played on to date. I look forward to being clobbered by your Soviet forces in the near future.

  • Jeremy says:

    Fun game. Results, not so much. Great AAR.

  • Daneaxe says:

    Very good combined operations, and a beautiful battle report. Toll, mein kamerad!

  • Major Beaver says:

    Perfect AAR, thats the way to finish it.

  • recce103c says:

    Really excellent AAR and interesting City set up well played Kamerad!

  • Davehodo says:

    Great report. Fun battle. Awesome table.

  • 81sPapaSmurf says:

    Cool graphics and a beuatiful table.



  • Jagdpanzer says:

    Excellent report and well done on the win. You are right a beautiful table, a joy to play on