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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Operation Watermelon

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West German
VS Warsaw Pact


SUMMARY: (S) Joint Task Force Banzai reports contact with Soviet armor company 3km southwest of the city of Kurzendorf, Hoff Corridor.

DETAILS: (S) Warsaw Pact forces have conducted an encirclement of U.S. Army airbase Katterbach Kaserne, located south-west of Ansbach, engaging elements of 1-37 Armor defending the airbase. Commander 1-37 Armor requested immediate support from Commander Joint Task Force Banzai for relief of engaged U.S. forces. Commander Joint Task Force Banzai ordered Kampfgruppe Von Stein, led by Hauptmann Gervas von Stein, and aided by elements of the 1st Panzer Brigade, to mobilize from staging point FOB Rawhide, outside Stuttgart, to the Hoff Corridor in attempt to alleviate pressure from Warsaw Pact forces engaging 1-37 Armor. Engagement by Kampfgruppe Von Stein with Warsaw Pact forces was closely coordinated between Commander Task Force Banzai and Commander 1-37 Armor for initiation of counter-offensive by 1-37 Armor.

(S) Upon receiving orders from Commander Joint Task Force Banzai, Kampfgruppe Von Stein began movement towards Ansbach. Outside Kurzendorf, Kampfgruppe Von Stein scout elements reported observing an unidentified Soviet tank company traveling in a southwesterly direction. Hauptmann Von Stein established a defensive position in a rural area 3km southwest of the city of Kurzendorf (49 15’46.2″N, 10 31′ 21.1″E). Engagement between Soviet armor company and Kampfgruppe Von Stein is photo-documented below.

Operational Briefing Composed by Joint Task Force Banzai S2
Surveillance photo of terrain prior to contact initiation.
Aerial photo of Kampfgruppe Von Stein prior to departure from FOB Rawhide.
Defensive position taken by initial Kampfgruppe Von Stein forces.
Soviet tank company arrives and contact initiates.
Jaguar Zug appears out of ambush to engage Soviet tank platoon.
Leopard 1 command engages Soviet tank platoon while Marder zug redeploys into a harassing position.
Hauptmann Von Stein and Panzergreadier zug take the brunt of the Soviet artillery anger.
Soviet T-72s and Leopard 1s trade casualties.
Marder zug continues to their severe flanking position.
Soviet artillery and T-72s whittle down Hauptmann von Stein and the Panzergrenadier zug, but the teams give as good as they get.
Leopard 1 platoon and Soviet T-72 platoon are both decimated.
Marder zug continues to harass the Soviet flank.
The second Leopard 1 platoon arrives to secure the West German right flank.
Jaguar zug is destroyed, leaving the West German right flank exposed.
Marder zug engages the Soviet Carnation batterie and is decimated for their effort.
The Leopard 1s arriving to secure the West German right flank are quickly dispatched by the Soviet T-72s.
Kampfgruppe Von Stein’s scout elements arrive and engage the Soviet Carnation batterie.
Leopard 1 company command duels with the Soviet HQ T-72 and wins the day.
West German Gepard batterie arrives to provide solid defense of the West German right flank.
Leopard 1 command engages to finish off the final Soviet T-72 platoon.
The remaining Soviet forces move to regroup off board and Kampfgruppe Von Stein secures the battlefield.

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