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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Lightning Strike On Soviet Rearguard!

VS Warsaw Pact
Mr Phew

“Quick boys they’re trying to pull out. Let’s snap them up before dinner and then get the kettle on!”

A British Armoured Recce Squadron taking on the Soviet Guards Motor Rifle Division, 64 point battle. The Soviet player won the roll off and selected to battle at Leipzig, Rearguard. Noted that the current mission plan online seemed to contradict itself so stuck with the premise that NATO were the attacking force and went for it.

Soviet player selected the right side of the table to defend from and then the British player placed two objectives as far forward and at the edges of the allowed area to force the Soviet to split his forces accordingly.


Soviets places BMP2 Scout Platoon and a platoon of four T64s on his left flank, his HQ T64 tank in the centre and his infantry with BTR60s and platoon of five T64s on his right. All were concealed in the available cover. He retained his platoon of two Shilkas in ambush.

British deployed heavily on his right flank with HQ of two Spartans, two platoons of four Scorpion Light Tanks, a platoon of three Chieftains, a mechanised infantry platoon mounted up in their F432 and Striker Guided Weapons Platoon of four Spartan Strikers. In the centre a small spearhead was made with a platoon of four Scimitar Light Tanks, allowing the Spartan Support Troop mounted in their four Spartans to deploy on the grassy knoll in the centre. The platoon of four Tracked Rapiers deployed at the rear of the table.

Turn 1

The British advanced hastily and cross country dashed the Chieftain platoon, HQ platoon, both Scorpion platoons and successfully crossed all the F432s to move them up to the next wooded area. One F432 failed the second cross check but remained concealed from the enemy and within command. The Scimitar platoon successfully Blitzed and moved out of cover to allow a shot on the infantry. As they possessed no weaponry to fire at anything other than aircraft, the Tracked Rapier platoon withdrew tactically from the battlefield to negated giving the enemy an easy target to destroy. One of the Scorpion platoons at this point was already within 4” of an objective! Victory could be sensed in the air for the British commander!

The platoon of two Lynx TOW helicopters fired at the single visible T64 on the British left flank, but failed to hit. The Scimitars fires at the dug in infantry and hit twice but the Soviet player saved one of these and the British failed the firepower of 5+. The platoon of Strikers split their fire between the T64 platoon and BMP2 Scout platoon on the British right flank. The one valid target T64 exploded in a blaze of victory and the one valid BMP2 panicked and bailed out.

The platoon of two Shilkas revealed their position in ambush to the rear of the Scorpion platoon contesting the objective. The BMP2 Scout remounted. The BTR60 transports cross country dashed around the woods on the Soviet right flank. The BMP2 Scout platoon attempted to cross through the woods to their front, two failed though and became bogged. The result of this meant the Soviet commander changed tactic and drove through the wood and round to its right to contest the objective current held by the British Scorpions. The three T64s left at the rear of the battlefield attempted to cross through the woods to their front, again though two failed and became bogged down! The remaining T64 pushed forward to the edge of the wood and also contested the objective.

The HQ T64 fired one shot and bailed a Scorpion. The remaining active BMP2 Scout did the same but at the second section of Scorpions leaving three actives in each platoon. The Shilkas split their fire, one firing at the Lynx platoon and missing and one firing at the rear of the contesting Scorpion platoon destroying one outright. The T64 that pushed up to the front of the woods fired at the exposed Chieftain platoon but missed.

Turn 2

The Scorpion on the extreme right flank failed to remount but the bailed tank in the other platoon successfully remounted.

The infantry dismounted and advanced at tactical speed towards the bogged down BMP2 Scouts and then successfully were inspired to follow the unit leader as he screamed ‘FOLLOW ME’ is his best British accent taking them to within striking distance for the assault phase later. The Scimitar platoon moved at tactical speed around the rear of the knoll to a firing position on the Shilka platoon. The Striker platoon attempted to Blitz but failed so remained in position to still enable a shot, albeit at a +1 for this failure.

The Chieftain platoon fired in unison and destroyed the T64 at the edge of the wood. The Scimitars fired and destroyed the Shilkas in the wood. The Scorpions on the objective fired at the BMP2 in front of them and destroyed it. Their sister platoon also fired at another BMP2 and cheered at its demise.

The Soviet player rolled for the morale of the remaining bogged down BMP2 Scout which successfully stayed in the fight despite being stranded.

The infantry moved in to assault the remaining BMP2 Scout vehicle but as it was bogged offered no defensive fire and the infantry successfully destroyed the last of the platoon.


At this point the British had started their turn two contesting the objective and ended it with no enemy unit within 4”. The British commander successfully conducted a lightning strike and seized the initiative from the enemy bringing an early end to the battle.


British – 0 Platoons lost.
Soviet – 2 Platoons lost.

Score By VP

British Win – 6/1
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  • Oberst Hunts says:

    Congrats on the win and a nice battle report. I would agree to mixing the photos within the text for better flow.

  • Nabeshin says:

    Picture annotations were really nice to have and your report was also good; mix those together with the picture showing what’s happening and we have a winner!

  • recce103c says:

    Great Factual AAR and very supportive pictures – top notch Ol’ Man!

  • SirBinglebertSlaptyback says:

    Thanks for the feedback! No computer at the moment so limited but what a smart phone will allow me to do (ie picture txt picture txt). Need to get that sorted

  • Storm Caller says:

    Nice report and agree with Bayankhan about photos


  • Davehodo says:

    Good show, top shelf, well played-seriously…very nice job. Keep em fighting!!!!!

  • bayankhan says:

    British Army is such a pain. I guess they are infiltrating out of Hannover. Seriously, nice job. Think about picture-text-picture technique for your next report, rather than the gallery approach.

  • Major H. Jones says:

    Cheers for keeping up the side, old man.