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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign


West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Ok sports fans!! We’re back at the ball park with a different line up today, starting pitching today’s game is the famous Leo2 HQ and catching is a 3 tank Leo2 pltn with a German Mech Infantry Pltn, Morser pltn, Luch pltn, Gepard pltn and last but not least a Jaguar pltn
On the 1st turn I had all the Leo2’s, Inf and Gerard’s on the table, everything else was in reserve.
Turn 1 I was the Attacker and moved out of the woods(Leo2’s) onto a hil(hull down) and took 2 shoots at his OP; missed
The Infantry and Gepards made haste towards the 2nd objectives.
The WP Player moved a tank unit towards the 2nd objective behind some woods out of site of the Leo2’s, a ranged in effect was for naught.

Turn 2 I moved the Gepards and Infantry close to the objective and the Leo2’s took out the OP and a BMP on a hill located in the NE portion of the battlefield.
The WP Player halted his tank co.behind the woods in fear of in the open side shots from the Leo2’s on the hill. Again a bombardment failed to range in. 4 BMP’s took aim at the Leo2’s on the hill; 3 missed, 1 saved.

Turn 3 I get no reserves. The Infantry dig in around the objective with the Gepards in support. The Leo2’s on the hill take out 3 more BMP’s
This gets interesting, the WP Player gets a reserve roll and brings in 2 Hinds, which end up near the hill with the Leo2’s. After all the shooting was over, 1 Leo2 on the hill was smoking.

Turn 4 I I failed to roll for reserves, but bring in the morser’s(I forgot to put the OP out at the beginning of the game!) so he moved out and bogged down trying to hull down on the hill(he stayed there the rest of the game, bogged down)the morser’s hunkered down behind the woods were the IC was stationed. The other 2 Leo2’s made tracks back in the woods behind them. No shots fired.
The WP Player made his roll and brought in another company of tanks, right on top of the objective(well, close enough!) A smoke screen was set between the Leo2’s and the objective covering the tanks that had just arrived AND the Hinds The had now positioned themselves right behind the tanks. PUCKER TIME!! I decided to shoot AA in his turn, taking out both helicopters. His return fire took out 1 Gepard, the loan tank wasn’t scared and begged for more!

Turn 5 I STILL cannot get a reserve roll. I bring in the jaguars and position them to challenge his objective on my side of the table. The loan Gepard loves it and stays the Infantry beet feet and moved into a building that was adjacent to the objective.one stand was left outside. With the air threat removed, I moved the Leo2’s back out on the hill in front of the woods and I picked off 2 more BMP’s, hoping to draw out his other tank company behind the woods. I wouldn’t have to wait long for the answer.
The WP Player brings in his last reserves. And moves his 1st tank company up to the house and shoots at the loan Gepard removing him from the game.. The 2nd tank company moves around the woods in the open shooting at the Leo2’s on the hill, missed.

Turn 6 I STILL CANNOT get a reserve roll. I bring in the Luch’s unit and they start behind the woods with the Leo2’s. The Leo2’s on the hill returned fire on the open tank co knocking out 3. The Infantry Milan team takes out another one. The loan tank Company IC loves it and sticks around. The HQ Leo2 takes out a tank in the 1st tank co. The jaguars take out the last BMP.
The WP Player shoots the IC Leo2 CMD tank taking him out of the game. His IC moves in with the 1st tank co. After several failed shots at the 2 Leo2’s on the hill, they move in for the kill. He managed to drive off 2 Infantry stands, but I still have 3 more to contest the objective.

The game was called due to time.

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