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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Hard fought battle

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West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Well sports fans, today the home put up great numbers, but failed to bring home the win. The Home team put a very valiant fight as the Russian horde was just beginning to waver.
The batte was counter attack in the Frankfurt area. After a brief over view of the table, rules and mission both sides set up and were ready to rumble.
Turn 1 The WG’s start the soirée by failing to bring on any reserves this turn and hiding the PAH in ambush. The 1st Leo2 pltn knocked out 1 AA vehicle and the HQ Leo2 shot and missed the OP BMP. The WP Player shot everything he had and hit everything but the target and failed to range in on the 1st Leo2 pltn.

Turn 2 Things were looking up, I got 1 reserve unit in, 2nd Leo2 pltn. As they moved down the road(left to right) they paused long enough t,o take out the 2nd AA vehicle causing the PAH pilots to breath easier. The 1st pltn moved into the middle of town trying to take as much concealment as possible.the HQ took out the OP BMP. Once again the WP shooting was for naught.

Turn 3 Brought in my last reserve unit, 2 Lucy’s that race up the left flank to take out his unprotected Rocket battery. After a Blitz move the 2nd pltn moved into position next to the HQ. The 1st pltn took advantage of some excellent target opportunities and knocked out 5 BMP’s that started to head across the board. The HQ and 2nd pltn knocked out 2 T64’s and bailed 1. After a successful Shoot and Scoot order the HQ and 2nd pltn moved out of sight. The PAH took out 2 more BMP’s from the 1st horde. After a successful reserve and remount roll, the horde was on the move. A successful shot from a T 64 destroyed a Leo2 from the 2nd Pltn, the loan tank loved it for the Fatherland and hung around.

Turn 4 The Luchs was aced up to the tree line were the Rocket Battery were hiding only to get bogged down. The 1st Pltn took out 2 more BMP’s and did a shoot and scoot out of the middle of town as the infantry from the BMP’s were looking to get revenge. The HQ and loan Leo2 moved off in the woods within sight of the objective (and 4 inches) and knocking out the of the T64 platoon. The PAH’s took out 2 BMP’s from the 2nd horde BMP PLTN. The WP ranged in on the 1st attempt and rattled the town were the1st Leo2 pltn were hiding, saved all hits. Once again the WP shooting was for naught.

Turn 5 The Luch’s FINALLY make there way to the Rocket Battery, making short work of them. The 1s Leo2 pltn moved to join the The other 2 plans, 1 one failed its bog check. 4 more BMP’s wen5 up in smoke from the Leo2’s and 1 from the PAH’s causing an Russian infantry dismount. Now the game was fixing to get interesting. Once again the WP’s shooting was negated by saves.

Turn 6 The Luch’s were moved to join in the fray across the Battlefield, but failed a Blitz move. The Lone Leo2 outside the woods failed his cross move. The shoot saw another 2 BMP’s up in smoke. The PAH’s missed their targets. The next sequence of events was quit intense, the WP failed to hit anything during the shooting and brought his Infantry horde to bear on The Leo2’s. Defensive fire from the tanks took out a few and a counter attack took out a few more. The Infantry loved it and swung back only to loose a few more stands and the assault.

Turn 7 The loan Leo2 finally passed a Cross check! and moved along side the HQ,. 1 Sagger was taken out by a Leo2, 1 by a PAH and the last decided not to hang around. The Luch’s made it to the party but couldn’t help out. After several successful shots, 2 LEO2’s in the woods were smoking leaving only 2 left. Again, after several back and forth assaults, the Infantry managed to bail 1 Leo2 and the HQ Leo2 failed bothe the counter attack and bog check roll causing him to move off the objectives leaving them to what was left of the Russian horde. Not much.

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