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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Warriors of Democracy!

United States
VS Warsaw Pact

A large batch on a double table was divided into two halves. I played against the T-72 battalion.
Pushing forward empty m113 I tried to destroy the enemy artillery, the BMP reconnaissance and the first T-72 squad.
In the first turn I managed to destroy only a detachment of T-72.

In the opponent turn, he killed me one unit of empty M113, two jeeps and bailed almost all squad jeeps stingers. But I was lucky and no one ran away.

In my turn, I shot and bailed the Shilka's, and destroyed the detachment of recon BMP. My helicopters flew in and destroyed a detachment of enemy artillery.
The enemy made a raid on 4 Su-25 and 6 Mi-24 on my ally and I covered it with air defense. Killed 2 Su-25.
On opponent turn hi moved tanks forward to shot to my Abrams but missed. Shilk's unbail's and try to destroy my two Cobra but they saved all hits.
In my turn i moved Abrams squad forward and destroy only one T-72. Cobra's mowed to destroy Mi-24 but missed. And all other my shooting missed.
Next my opponent mowed all his tank to close range to my Abrams and missed all shots! This turn hi has bad luck and all his shots was wasted.
Next my IPM try to kill both platoons of T-72 but I killed only one.
And Next they got me close range and flank and shot one my tank :(
Next in my turn i killed almost all T-72 except HQ and one last tank from battalion.
In this turn they revenged me and killed one IPM in rear armor.
All this time his reign of the BMP fought with my M113, until finally I moved VADS ahead and finished them off.

In next turn I killed them both and my opponent have only Spandrel Platoon. Whom died turn later.

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