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Firestorm: Stripes

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No contact with Regimantal Headquarters

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Warsaw Pact
Red Bear
VS British
Storm Caller

Place holder for follow up report

Please don't star rate or give commendation at this time, This is a place hold for the result, just incase Hamburg locks

I (Red Bear) was called into work to cover for a fellow Manager who quit and is now on for a 10 on then an 8 off then back for another 10 ' for an undetermined time.

Presently I don't have the time to type up all my eight-plus battle reports I need to complete given my present schedule.

My opponents are presently writing the draft and sending me what photos they have.

With the limitation of two reports within a 24 hour period, this is Placeholder until I can catch up with the complete reports

I plan to have this report with photos complete within 96 hours.

Battle reports that need to be complete

1) 1st Battalion 14th BTR-60 Regiment of meets the Welch. Hamburg Completed

2) 1st Battalion 14th BTR-60 Regiment attack Death with Glory! Hamburg Completed

3) 3rd Battalion 14th BTR-60 Regiment Rearguard of the 1st Guards Motorized Rifle Division Hamburg Working

4) 2nd Battalion 14th BTR-60 Regiment will not retreat! Hamburg Working

5) 11th Tank Regiment advances into Frankfurt! Frankfurt

6) For the want of Fuel! Ruhr

7) Attack Hof! Hof

8) I hate Helicopters! A tale of bad dice rolls!

Thank you for understanding

The Red Bear

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