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Firestorm: Stripes

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1st Battalion 14th BTR-60 Regiment of meets the Welsh

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Warsaw Pact
Red Bear
VS British
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The Battle field the Welsh are coming from top Right!

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Red Bear

The Red Bear

The Regimental Commander had given MAJ Karskly a simple order, “Advance to 5 Kilometers South of the cross-road in the Village of Kaltental (Cold Valley in English) and link up with the left flank unit of the 13th BTR-60 Regiment to form a screen line looking to the South for the possible attack coming from Hanover. Karskly thought to himself that such an attack was unlikely given the present supply “Challenges” the British were having with the capture of the Ruhr by Soviet force!

Karskly couldn’t believe his bad luck! He was three hour behind schedule due to those dam tankers! Why didn’t they follow instructions! Move one tank across a bridge at a time, not three! Doesn’t matter how many times you tell the tankers, they just keep on rolling every time! Now he was not only short two tanks, but the remaining tanks of fourth Company, the third Company, and He regimental support where on the Wrong Side! At least the recon, along with 1st and 2nd Company made it across before the bridge collapsed!

It was still dark when the 1st and 2nd Companies had arrived at Kaltental. The Regimental recon a few kilometers when they reported contact with British Scorpions four Kilometers South East of Kaltental moving North East!

Karskly knew he wasn’t going to link up with the 13th! He still hadn’t been able to contact Regimental Headquarters for more than an hour! The crossroad was the key in this mind, with this he orders the Regimental to shadow the British, then return in order to ambush the British on East-West road coming to the Crossroad at Kaltental. He then placed 1st platoon at the crossroad looking towards the South east and order 2nd Platoon to secure the high ground on the 1st left flank. When the 4th Company and its T-64 arrived he would keep them behind 1st Company on the wooded high ground. The 3rd Company would deploy to the 1st companies right flank.

Karskly was walking to 2nd companies positions from 1st Companies past his command vehicle when the Senior Sergeant told him that Division had made contact and that Helo would be operating in his area at first light!

Still looking for 2nd company, the sun was just coming up. It would be light within a half hours. When heard then saw multiple explosions to the North West! His first thought was, had 1st Company fired on the Regimental recon? Then he was a Scimitar to his East fire at his Command Vehicle! The British were already in the line!
Karskly Saw the 4th Company tanks fire from the high ground to the South, He heard explosions and saw flashes to his east where he had set his ambush! He smiled at that, knowing his plan had worked! Then the 4th Company tanks started to explode! He counted four burning T-64!

All was not lost as four Hind D came swooping in from the North heading South making a Gun Run! The two southernmost Hind D exploded just before starting the run! Karskly saw what looked like an explosion to the Hind south before the two remaining peeled off to the West!

Karskly found a 1st Company vehicle and order the retreat of the remaining force to the North West by West! This would put him out of the British line of advance and behind the Left flank of the 3rd Battalion of the 13th BTR-60.
The remaining two Hind D covered the “move” at the cost of one additional Hind shoot down!
He tried to get a message to regimental but he got was a report that the 2nd Battalion of this regiment under Heavy attack from the South! He could hear but not send!

Karskly had just completed the passage of line when the 14th Regimental commander walked over to him with a handwritten message from red Bear himself!
“You are too immediately conduct a counter-attack aimed at the Kaltantel Crossroad!”

Karskly asked what support he could get from the 13th regiment?
The regimental Commander replied, “Maj. Karskly, none! If you are unable or unwilling to comply with this order, I was told to remove you from command with Prejudices. You have two hours!”

Karskly survived the Counterattack! The same could not be said of his Command!

Any question how he feels about Europe!

He plans to have this report with photos complete within 96 hours.
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