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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Finding Ivan

United States
Reagans Guard Dog
VS Warsaw Pact

Intel from our German allies indicated a Russian move on Gelsenkirchen. To forestall this, elements of RCT Everly were ordered to take the town and hold it against all comers.

You Can Take It, but Can You Hold It?

The Americans moved into the town and began to establish defensive positions. Then it dawned on them they had almost no AA assets. Like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

How many Hinds????

The Soviets concentrated on taking out the AA assets first. We just shot at anything that flew.

With the AA assets gone, the Soviets took out our M 109 battery and landed troops to move onto the far objective. Once they were on the ground though, we were in our element and destroyed 4 Hinds and most of their troops. His dice were pretty bad.

Then another Air Assault Company landed on the other side of the table. Just where would my reserves go? Especially with Hinds hovering like hawks waiting for something to move into the open.

We were short on stands with the proper polarity....those Hinds are actually in the air.

Our two remaining helos go over to the attack.

At this point, the game really got going and I forgot to keep taking pictures. It became bloodbath with each side giving as good as it got. Finally the American Armor made the difference and the Soviets had only 3 helos left. Forced to test, the Soviets left the field.

4-3 Victory to the Americans.

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United States
Reagans Guard Dog