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Firestorm: Stripes

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The end of a hard day ... the beginning of a long journey.

West German
VS Warsaw Pact
Pavel Pavlov

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Time - 13.30
Date - day of landing of 2 divisions of the US Marine Corps in Hamburg(august 1985)
Location – Walsrode(60 North of Hannover)
Battle group "White Elephants", UN peacemaking force, special unit.

Colonel Dolch gathered all his senior officers to a council near his tank.
- Gentlemen, judging by the reports, the Yankees crapped with the landing and so far they can not break from the bridgehead in Hamburg. Which puts us in a difficult situation. We are in the heart of the Soviet military force, and they already know we're here. We have a support group that makes us very cumbersome and not very mobile, but we can not fight without them. Ideas? -

The officers began to talk and discuss the situation by bending over the cards. After half an hour recon battalion commander took a card and drew the attention of others.
- Gentlemen, Colonel. I propose not to turn around but go further to the south. I know these places and even with the column we will calmly pass to Frankfurt bypassing the main roads. And there we will break through the forces of the Soviets from the rear and join forces with NATO forces in Stuttgart or Hof. We will organize a base for operations there and start fighting without the limitations of maneuverability. -
The colonel studied the map carefully.
- Good plan. Are there any other ideas? No. Well, prepare people move out in 15 minutes. It is necessary to be in time until the evening, I do not want to spend the night among the soviets.

All the officers hurried to their units. And the colonel patted his tank on the front armor.
"Come on boy, do not let us all down," he thought and climbed on the turret.

Later this day.
Time - 19.00
Location – exit from 27 highway near Hammelburg

"Barely had time to" think Lieutenant Nilsen who at that time commanded the advance team. He only managed to rush his platoon near the crossroads and hide the Gepard's n the forest near road, as he saw the Soviet APCs marching through the field accompanied by soldiers. "Crossroads ours. Let's wait for the main forces. "
"Village" - in a minute he thought. "Oh, hell, if the Soviets get in there, the support column will not be able to cross the crossroads."
- Sergeant - he said in a radio - immediately move to the village and do not let them take it at least 10 minutes, until the arrival of tanks Captain Olsen.
- Forward lads, let's see how to hide behind the houses - ordered Sergeant Carlos, gunner-commander leading Marder. - Do not let them get close.
But Carlos immediately swore loudly on the group channel, seeing the even lines of Soviet soldiers marching to the village.
- It's all nothing,- Sergeant O'Donov phlegmatically replied, correcting Milan, - our flank is also fun. I see a group of BMP-2 and Tanks. -
- Move, shoot and then hide - commanded by Carlos his platoon, then leaning out from behind the house to give a short burst on the advancing BMP, then quickly moving back hiding from the return fire behind the houses.
"What's in trouble?" Captain Olsen's voice rang out in the headphones of Carlos and the Leo-1 platoon, along with his command machine, rushed into the battlefield to support Marder.
- Do not push guys! The is enough targets for everyone - shouted Olsen in the radio when his tank nearly rammed the tank of the first platoon who also tried to open fire on the enemy BMP sticking out between the houses.
And Leo-1 opened fire, turning enemy BMPs into burning debris.
Listening to the radio conversations, Nielsen was uplifted in spirit, but then the roar of the engines swirled the air around him.
- I see the enemy planes! -Crew Nilsen on the radio. This was the first time in his life when an enemy aircraft was flying on him, the roar of his engines simply trampled the lieutenant's resoluteness ...
"And we see helicopters," Sergeant O'Donovan said, as usually phlegmatically, looking how enemy BMP on the hill exploded from the missile that he had launched.
"My God, they'll pick up the children, but they will not bring any milk." - grumbled Lieutenant Adams gently pushing the trigger. And in a second his standing in the underbrush Gepard realized a line of fire in the incoming aircraft immediately ripping his hull with a hail of shells.
Adams did not know that he stayed the squad deciding that he was lucky with coping with the pair of SU-25, focused the fire on Mi-24, which closing to their position from the rear. A tight fire of antiaircraft guns struck first one, and through the second the second helicopter.
And dense barrage from Lieutenant Adams Gepard detachment has done his job. All missiles launched by airplane and helicopter missed.
Meanwhile, on the right flank, Captain Irwin was finally tired of hiding his Leo-2 behind the hill, and he clarified by radio the location of enemy tanks carefully moved his tanks forward on a hill on the flank of the attacking Soviet tanks.
Soviet tankmen did not even have time to react to the appearance of three Leo-2, as their tanks began to explode one after another.
After shooting Leo-2, using their mobility, they immediately turned back, hiding behind a hill from a large BMP detachment that accompanied the tanks.
On the left flank in the meantime, reinforcements continued to arrive, the second Leo-1 squad came to the rescue and immediately joined the battle pouring Soviet infantry from machine guns, and the squad of the AAV Roland made it to the battlefield.
- Where? Where are these planes? - The Roland detachment commander asked excitedly on the radio, - For the first time in three years I can finally shoot at normal targets and you tell me that they flew away !!! - he roared in anger, listening to the answer on the radio.
In the meantime, the MI-24 sharply increased speed left the battlefield, and the enemy tanks and BMP-2, on the contrary, began to approach faster, firing at the infantry and tanks of the White Elephants.
At this moment of battle, escorting the departing Mi-24 with a glance, and seeing as around him, his comrades calmly and skilfully lead the battle Lieutenant Nielsen finally settled down. And looking around the battlefield, he took the radio and began resolutely to give orders and give the target designation. - Olsen, take Marderi and occupy the village. The second platoon of the Elephants (Leo-2), move forward, the infantry will support you with shooting, finish already with the tanks and BMP-2 on the right flank, you are needed in the village to. -
The Leo-2 platoon resolutely moved forward aiming at the remaining T-64.
Captain Olsen and the first platoon of Leo-1, accompanied by Marder's, bagan advancing to the village through the hill.
While the second platoon of Leo-1 went around the village on the other side cutting off the remnants of one of the platoons of the Soviet infantry.
From the far field, two Luchs appeared making their way across the field, while the remaining units brought down a well-coordinated fire to the Soviets.
But then, gathering the last forces, the Soviets rushed into the attack. The remaining two helicopters jumped out of the hill.
On the left flank the Soviet infantry opened fire from the forest and an RPG, and one shot penetrate turret of one of the Leo-1 second platoon.
Notwithstanding the barrage of fire, the helicopters accurately fired missiles and one Leo-1 from the first platoon flamed. And the second rocket was set on fire by the leading Gepard, although the fire fighting system worked well and Captain Adams, with his usual coolness, led the crew out of the burning tank.
Unbeknownst to the flaming skeletons of damaged tanks, the last BMP fired its rocket into the Leo-2 of the second platoon, and flames emerged from under the turrets of the tank.
t it did not help. Leo-1 and Mardera, along with the Luchs, were already closing the ring around the remnants of the Soviet infantry, firing at them furiously. Roland aiming at last hit the Mi-23 and two helicopters flew away swept by the flames.
Leo-2 finishing off the last of the BMP-2 rapidly picked up speed and drove towards the village until the Gepard's team advanced to meet the Soviet Shilka running across the field.
Lone SU-25 made a run on Marder'a and the shots of his gun were bailed out by two crews. And destroying leading Marder.
The Soviet infantrymen successfully hit both the Luchs, but the fate of the battle for the village was solved by Leo-2 who arrived in time.
Who are shooting with machine guns just rushed forward, crushing the infantry.
This brave Soviet soldiers could not withstand and began to retreat from previously occupied houses.
And led by Leo-2 other combat vehicles of the White Elephants rushed to close range.
And after a few seconds the last Soviet infantrymen dropped their weapons in front of two huge tanks.

- Excellent work Nielsen! - said the colonel, sticking out of the hatch of the turret, and surveying the district while the main column passed them.
- Thank you, sir, but to be honest, it was terrible. - Lieutenant Nielsen answered in a dull voice.
- War in general is a terrible soldier, and the sooner we win it the sooner it will end.- The Colonel said decisively, - nevertheless today you saved a lot of good guys. Collect your platoon, and move forward, we have little time lest, all to tired. There are no more Soviets ahead and in half an hour we will meet frendly forces.

And after half an hour American forvard troop, led by Captain Williams guarding Highway 27 near Würzburg heard the sound of the movement of armored vehicles at dusk.
- Hey, Johnson,- Williams shouted, sticking out of the hatch of Abrams disguised in the bushes. - It must be those weird guys that we should meet. Colonel said that they are somehow unusual. Can you see them?
- Yes, sir, and you have no idea how the colonel was right. Hey, guys, clean up the minefield. - shoughted Johnson to his infantrymen.
Williams glanced sideways at his gauger about which he showed him that he had received the radio confirmation and lazily lit a cigarette.
And a minute later the cigarette fell from his mouth to the turret of his tank as he gazed out his mouth examining the column of armored vehicles passing by him.
- Johnson, your son of! White tanks! Where did the white tanks come from? - he shoughted to Sergeant Johnson who standing next to hes Abrams and laughing.

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