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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Anihilation in Amsterdam

West German
Oberst Hunts
VS Warsaw Pact
Misha Romanov

Hauptman Rommel thought that the kompanie would get a break after the tough defense of Brandenburg but unfortunately they were directed to rail load and head north to provide support to their allies in the fight for Amsterdam. The kompanie had replaced their losses and received a new platoon of Gepards that we hoped could shoot better than the last group. The day was sunny and clear and our enemy had rolled the dice and came up with defending in a fighting withdrawal. This again would put Alpha company in the attack with mechanized infantry and the hope of covered routes to the objectives. Rommel decided to send the recce platoons up the middle to expand our battle space and give the infantry more room to deploy in cover. YES!

They enemy arrayed their forces in front of us to block our movement into Amsterdam. Southern defensive layout.
The enemy also placed a strong force in the center with elements that could shift north quickly. T-64 platoons were placed in both the north and south so we would have the chance to place our missile teams with good fields of fire to support the advance to the north. We hoped that the Luftwafe would finish eating and drinking in time to drop some destruction on the enemy this time.
Hauptman Rommel ordered the recce forward in the center which allowed our infantry to start just over 8 inches from the objectives we needed to hold to prevent the enemy from leaving the field. This would give us a great advantage while we pushed our troops forward in cover.
In the north we put one mech platoon mounted to rush forward and dispersed the other M113 platoon with all their Milans in place along side the jaguars so they could bring immediate fire on the enemy's exposed T-64s.
As we began shoting our Milans up north we heard the roar of fighters overhead and saw a flight of Tornados scream in on the enemy T-64s. At almost the same time some SAMs fired on the Tornados and onr exploded on impact. We could only hope things would go better for the rest of the aircraft. The results of the salvo attack were devastating to the T-64s, taking out three of them in one attack. This left very few targets available for our missile teams.
The enemy shifted his southern tank platoon to fire on our Marder transport platoon, killing one of them. Two other T-64s tried to kill our infantry in the buildings but failed to get them.
Up north the Tornados were back and making a cannon run on some enemy BMPs and SAM launchers. Thankfully the Tornados jinked enough to avaoid being hit by the SAMs and killed two BMPs, bailed two more and bailed noth SAMs. More then we could have hoped for with a canon run but better than taking a chance and not ranging in on soft skinned vehicles. Score another hit for the Luftwafe.
Down in the center our infantry was in position and pounding the one enemy infantry platoon hiding in the buildings. We poured machine gun fire, Marder and Luchs fire into them and killed off 3 stands by this point.
Our Milan teams were also able to get into the fight and pounded the BMPs and ZSUs that were exposed in the rear of the infantry. Strike two dead BMPs and 2 ZSUs to Milan and Gepard fire this turn. Our plan was working and we only had two tanks to eliminate in the north to grab the objective
The enemy forces in the center were much sparser than a short while ago.
Up north we kept pushing forward and sent our M113s forward as a decy to take attention away from the infantry. Our Milan teams had scored three hits on the enemy commander's T-64 which prooved to be too much for the one tank. One more to go up north. Hauptman Rommel also ordered all trnports forward to attack all enemy SAM systems and any BMPs that could shift north to counter our infantry thrust toward the objective.
The commander's plan had worked and we killed one enemy Gopher and the other one headed for the rear. This left only one tank in the north standing between us and the objective.
At the same time our push up the middle had just about eliminated all enemy forces as we continued the hard fight.
We continued to fire Milans at the enemy ZSUs and BMPs as well as some Gepard rounds that finally hit the mark.
And once again the Luftwafe came in for their final strike and met only self defense AAA as all the enemy SAMs and ZSUs were either destroyed or bailed out. Scatch another T-64.
The center push killed all but two enemy infantry and left one ZSU and one BMP left to stop our push. There was only one T-64 left in the north and one in the south. At this point it was the start of turn four and we had only lost one Luchs platoon and had 11 Milan teams and three Jaguars moving forward in our push to the northern objective. The enmy infantry platoon, last ZSU and last BMP all failed their morale tests and headed home. The dice gods were still not helping Misha today. The enemy decided that rather than endure two Jaguar shots and three Milan shots on the northern T-64 and two Milan shots on the southern T-64 he would concede the loss and end the bleeding.

Our mechanized infantry held both center objectives and was but a turn away from securing the northern objective so the victory was at hand and Hauptman Rommel ordered a stand down while the enemy retreated. It was time to rearm and refit and maybe have a beer. Game over man, game over!

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West German
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