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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Rumble in the Ruhr

West German
Oberst Hunts
VS Warsaw Pact
Misha Romanov

There we were

Normally you would see this on the battlefield. But not today. Our allied force was deployed in the south to protect the roads into the city from being captured and controlled by the enemy. We once again had an American mechanized infantry company assigned to augment our Panzergrenadier Kompanie since we had no air support and no armor for a strong maneuver force. Since we were defending and the enemy had to get a unit in good spirits to an objective to be able to get a unit off the table it was imperative that we hold the objectives at all cost. This means we had to dig in and dig deep to survive the attack. We could only hope that our missile teams could do the job and kill of any enemy tanks that might move on the objectives.

This battle would be Bypass on the 4x4 table and we had the defense which is just what all our infantry hoped for. Nice warm foxholes to hide in from all the brutal tank fire that was to come.
Our deployment was extensive with American infantry holding the flanks and our own PZgrens holding the center with good fields of fire across the front and flanks from their building top Milan firing positions.
The enemy massed in the northwest to make a bold run for the far western objective. A good idea which removed a few platoons from the fray.
The fields of fire were clear and we hoped the enemy would present clear targets for our Milans.
The enemy pushed up on the right and destroyed several of our marders on the way. In return our Milans and Marders killed off a coupe Spandrels and a ZSU. Trying to destroy enough enemy platoons to keep him from getting themoff the board.
The enemy continued their push south and killed off some of our M113s but was unable to remove any of our infantry. We in return killed a couple BMPs and one tank withour Milans and PzFsts. While this battle raged our mobile platoons pushed north to turn the flank of theenemy rear units.
All of our Gepards, Marders, and M113s raced north to swing around the town and roll up the soft enemy rear. This deep penetration into the enemy rear would eliminate three platoons when it was complete.
The Soviets were determined and kept up their push to the objective. An assault by T-64s pushed our American infantry platoon off of the objective but not far enough away to take the objective. The Red player got his platoons mixed up and actually assaulted with part of two platoons at the same time. By the time we realized this the assault was over so we just let the results stand. My infantry was still holding and my Luchs platoon was still on the objective even adter taking a terrible beating.

Turn four was so active with sorting things out I failed to get a picture. I will do better next time.

The battle raged around the woods and the enemy tried to blast my Luchs and infantry but could not get them to budge. Slowly our valiant infantry were carving up the enemy and lessening his chances of victory.
The enemy MRC was able to survive losing some transports and rushed for the objective. Unfortunately they were not able to kill any of my troops as our bulletproof cover proved too much for their weapons.
Closer to the town our left hook proved effective and was now moving south toward the remaining enemy forces. Three enemy platoons destroyed and three more to go. The plan might just work.
Failed to get the final picuters so here is what happened. The enemy moved one tank forward in hopes of assaulting the American infantry and failed. The rest of his force tried to shoot me away from the objective and failed there also. I returned the favor and killed two BMPs and a tanks with Milans. My combines platoons of infantry also wiped out his MRC that was on the objective. All we had to deal with now was a few more tanks.

The enemy at this point only had one platoon left in good spirits and was not going to be able to get me off the objective so he would not be able to get any units off the table. It was just a matter of time before I maneuvered my forces and killed his last platoon so he conceded defeat. A fun battle with lots of carnage and few losses for our allied formations. A plan that actually worked and brought us victory.

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West German
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