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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Frakus in Frankfurt

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West German
Oberst Hunts
VS United States

Once again the Soviet forces used captured US equipment to try and fool us, but this time we were ready for them. We were heading toward the eastern side of Frankfurt when we happened across some dug in infantry and helicopters firing on our deploying troops. Hauptman Rommel ordered the two combined infantry companies to move forward on line and deploy what forces we had along the edge of the city and to use maximum cover while we still had darkness to hide our movements. The darkness held for a while but we had some units still maneuvering when the light broke and the enemy saw them shining in the light. This would prove to be one tough fight as the US equipment was had to hit and even harder to kill. This Encounter meeting engagement pitted two strong 100 point units against each other with our forces attacking forward to push the invaders from our homeland. It was a tough fight and after 7 turns it was clear that the enemy was running out of forces and would have to keep shifting his air assault platoons in hopes of getting an opening. This was not going to happen as by the end we had only lost one platoon to their 4 or 5 platoons and we had four platoons moving on an objective guarded by three infantry stands. We called the game and gave the win to the German defenders of their homeland.

A quiet little section of the city.

The cunning enemy force. Giant Marine infantry units, M60s, Cobras, Harriers, some LAVs and a bunch of Stinger HUMMVs.
Southern portion of the line.
The center of the line.
The noorthern end of the line.
The enemy northern force with Chaparels and Cobras.
The southern end of the enemy deployment.
We begin our push forward in the dark with nothing much happeneing.
Slowly heading east under the cover of darkness. The plan was to send transports forward to kill of the Chaparrels.
Unfortunately the enemy spotted the advance and rained artillery down on us. Marders are so soft when it rains steel.
Fortunately our dug in Flieger teams got some good hits and killed off two of the attacking Cobras. Just had to wait until they attacked so we could shoot them up.

On turn two Hauptman Rommel ordered all forces to attack the enemy artillery before they could start to rain Copperheads down on us. The Luftwaffe and our PAHs brought the fire on the big guns but under the cover of darkness and trees were only able to bail two of them. So much for massed fire on target. In the North we continued driving for the enemy ADA unit but due to darkness could not get rounds on target.

The enemy response was swift and painful. His Cobras destroyed several M113s and we lost a Gepard to direct artillery fire. Thankfully his air attack proved a waste of ammo as it all hit the trees above us.

Turn three saw some additional destruction in the north and enemy reserves came in in the form of M60s that pounded our advancing transports. The rising sun shining off of our vehicles made it easy for the enemy to hit their marks. Down south we continued hitting the enemy artillery with ground and air forces and managed a bail and a double bail on them.

On turn 4 we kept pushing forward into the face of the enemy and managed to kill off one Chaparral and double bailed another one and destroyed two artillery guns. We were slowly achieving our initial objectives but at a cost. The enemy retaliated by killing a Gepard and several more Marders. All platoons were still intact and pushing toward our goals. The last of the artillery tubes decided to head for the motor pool and left the battle. Now the commander ordered all forces to eliminate the enemy Chaparral SAMs and the Cobras.

We opened up on the enemy M60s with our Jaguars and Milans and destroyed the platoon. This opened the road in the north to all of our forces. The enemy air assault forces tried to land twice and were chased away by local forces. Our northern forces finally destroyed the last of the Chaparrals so our remaining air forces had free reign of the air until some Stinger HMMVs arrived. Things were going according to plan and we would continue to execute it as directed.

On turn six we continued to push east to destroy the remaining enemy forces but their infantry units were large and sturdy. The enemy had only three infantry stands left near the northern objective and got some LAV reserves in the south. Those LAVs were able to destroy our southern Gepard platoon and the air assault helos landed in the south but had not yet unloaded. The southern area was covered by our infantry and Luchs platoon and were waiting for the infantry to hit the ground so that they could shoot them up.

Turn seven and our infantry were poised to shoot up and assault the enemy infantry on the objective. There were now 4 platoons converging on the objective and good chances that the rest of our Luchs platoons would come in from reserves. Down south we had our Luchs platoon and infantry platoon ready to engage the air assault infantry as well as our PAHs waiting to engage the enemy LAVs. All the enemy had left in reserve were some HMVV Stinger teams, which can assault, but have no weapon listed for assaulting. So it was doubtful they would survive very long. This was about it for the battle and the outcome seemed inevitable, so game over.

The battle was called on turn eight as the eventual outcome seemed clear.

This was the final battle for Oberst Hunts.

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West German
Oberst Hunts