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Firestorm: Stripes

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Feeling the love in Leipzig

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West German
Oberst Hunts
VS United States

Once again, the Red forces were absent on the battlefield forcing the West Germans to defend the homeland from invading Americans. The forces took the field in the wee hours of the morning so without a moon it was quite dark and maneuvering was hampered by the low visibility. The two forces slowly pushed forward in the edge of town where some factory buildings met the edge of the small homes and church. The Germans were able to lay several mine fields to try and prevent the Americans from rushing forces forward and emplaced their many Milan launchers across the terrain to cover all major avenues of approach. The Americans were very cautious and only probed back and forth across their front without pushing forward until later in the battle. The American use of laser guided missiles and jump-jet salvo attacks came after sum rise and proved quite deadly to the German forces who had to continually remove forces to the rear. Tragic losses to our Gepards crippled our ADA umbrella and allowed the harriers to hammer our armor forces. In the end our infantry held the field and prevented the Americans from gaining the last objective on the field and we Germans held out for the victory.

Our forces deployed with Milan launchers in the fields and inside the large factory for maximum coverage
The Americans chose to put armor on their flanks and push their scouts and ADA up front for direct fire capability
Our strength was on the north with 3 LEO 2s held in ambush
Forces in the south were a little lighter but should be enough to hold out until we could shift our armor.
Forces slowly start to maneuver. Fire was exchanged across the dead zone and we lost some recce units and the enemy lost some ADA guns. Both sides started moving armor.
Our LEO 1s moved forward as did our transports and Luchs to try and destroy the enemy infantry platoon that was moving forward. This caused the enemy M1s to move south. No matter where the M1s moved, our Milans just could not kill them. That extra armor was a curse on our missile men.
Our LEO 1s in the south pushed out to get better shots in the dark and try to kill off the enemy ADA guns, scouts and dang OP that was raining laser guided missiles down on us. The OP would not die.
The enemy M1s easily destroyed our LEO 1s and our Milans continued to bounce off their extra armor. We were hoping our LEO2 ambush would kill more that one M1.
In the south we were able to kill of all of the ADA guns but in the duel between our Luchs and the enemy M113s we found that their M2 machineguns had more punch that we expected. Enemy M60s cut through our LEO1s quite easily. I hate low front armor.
In the north we continued to blast away at the enemy infantry and our Jaguars were finally able to kill and M1, even though we lost one Jaguar to enemy artillery. Finally our 6 Milan launchers got a hit on an M1 and killed it, forcing the remaining tank to head to the rear for maintnance.
Things in the south got a little dicy as the Americans tried to push through to the objective and landed two air assault platoon Hueys right on the objective in our rear. Our immediate reaction was to move our infantry to engage the helos and push a Gepard and LEO1 forward to engage the helos. Unknown to me were the helo rules that if I pushed a tank within 4 inches of the helos they would have to leave without dumping out their infantry. Yay for small victories.
The Americans had dropped smaoke to hide their helos, but my forces chaced them away. (Sorry that photo was missed so no picture of the hueys) Our Milan launchers contiued to blast the attacking M60s from two sides and eventually killed a one. The M60s were so close now that one was hit and killed by a Panzerschrek. WooHoo. So
The Americans once again tried to land their helos in our rear to get troops on the objective but it prooved to be too little too late. They had to be over 4 inches from my forces to stay and that prooved to be too far. The door gunners opened up on my infantry but only got 4 hits and my troops survived and were motivated. His troops could not yet get out of the choppers and it was the start on my turn 8 with no enemy close enough to the objective so it was victory for the West Germans.

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