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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

No soup for you in Neiderbayern

West German
Oberst Hunts
VS United States
Cletus McGhee

It was a nice day in the country as we moved south with a new unit organization to get some R&R before the next encounter with the comrades from the east. Little did we know that the Soviets had another force of captured American equipment heading our way. As we began moving into our assembly area the commander sent our scouts out to see if everything was calm. What a surprise when they saw M1s, M113s, Vads and Cobras coming from the east. There was no doubt whos side they were on when they started firing on our units. This was going to be a slugfest. At least we had a platoon of Leopard 2s with us to fight of the big American tanks. We were a little concerned because we only had one small infantry platoon with us and they were not very experienced at this kind of combat. We fired up the engines and moved out to meet the new threat hoping we could pull out another defense of the homeland.

The two forces deployed their 64 points of power and prepaired to throw down for control of the town.
The enemy infantry pushed forward and we saw that there were a lot more of them then there was of us. They seemed to be planning to attack our infantry with heavy machinegun fire.
The M1s came charging forward blasting away with high velocity shells that seemed to be directed everywhere.
What happened next was explosions in several platoon areas. We were losing troops at an excelerated rate.
We had to shift our tanks to the left to face the new threat that was coming across the main road. Our Leopard 2s were able to quickly take out 2 M1s.
In the south we continued to put long range fir on the enemy's Dragon teams. There sure were a lot of them but each turn we seemed to kill off a few more. Not the best use of Leo1 main gun rounds, but effective.
The battle seemed to shift to the town with enemy infantry pushing into the buildings. We regretted having so little infantry in this new force organization.
We lost our Luchs platoon in the south but continued to eliminate enemy missile teams. It was just taking too long and enemy Cobras kept firing away at us with Tow missiles.
Back in the north, We lost one Leopard 2 to M1 fire but retaliated and killed another M1 and the last tank headed for the rear. We thought we had eliminated the biggest threat and would be able to manuever to sieze or objective, but the enemy Cobras had other ideas.
It was getting pretty bloody in the center and we had to stop the enemy infantry. The enemy cobras stayed out of AAA range so our Gepards pushed up to clear the road and chew up the buildings. This was clearly not the best use of their abilities and they paid for this error.
On the left the enemy sent some M113s to flank our defense and they battled with our Luchs platoon. Thos .50 cal MGs sure do cut up a vehicle. I wish we had them on our M113s.
Swinging back to the center, enemy infantry pushed forward and fired their Laws at our Gepards. This ended badly for us. NOTE: it is good to make each platoon leader stand as the enemy infantry had troops out of command but with no marked PLT LDR we just let it go.
Having killed the enemy M1s our LEO2s thought that they could dash to the south and fight to the objective and grab victory. Maybe? The enemy Cobras had other ideas and killed one of the big tanks.
The Leo 2s got across the table and were ready to blast away at the remaining infantry to clear the objective. Again, all platoon leaders need to be marked so you know when they are killed and when a morale check needs to be taken if you are not in good spririts. We couldn't tell so we just played on.
With all of our Gepards destroyed the Cobras came to call on out Leo1 platoon. Thankfully their missiles went erratic and our tanks survived.
Our Leo1s had to move forward toward the objective and try and kill off the enemy infantry all while under fire from the Cobras.
The enemy now got his M113s in front of the objective as a blocking force and our LEos got ready to move.
The Leo1s tried a Blitz move and failed so moved forward to try and get on the objective to contect it. Alas, they were a bit too far away and the victory went to the Americans.

This was a great 64 point training battle for a "new" player who had a very good grasp of the game and tactical maneuver and setting up kill sacks with all of his missile launchers. it was a hard fought battle that we though could go either way. Lesson learned for the Germans, I should have taken those Fliegers after all.

Where did those Warsaw Pact guys go?
They aren't in here either. Hmmmm.

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United States
Cletus McGhee


  • recce103c says:

    Hohenfells in Oberbayern – in summer!
    Nice AAR and good you handed the win to our Guests!

    hard fought

  • Stone says:

    Great AAR as usual Oberst Hunts. Ach du liebe himmel, don’t take that from those Yanks.

  • Terror says:

    No Warsaw pact guys there either huh. Maybe they can win by letting our armies finish off each other. Haha. Nice solid report with extensive pics.

  • Cletus Mcghee says:

    I enjoyed the battle, and leopard 2s are nasty. Leave it to an LT named Cletus to open up on the first non US camo pattern he sees…

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Yes, I did happen to recognize those photos.

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    Surely only a practice fight?? haha, thanks for reporting!

  • General POTUS says:

    Spring time in Germany? 😀

  • Stormcrow says:

    A souperb showing for the both of you

  • Oberst Hunts says:

    Hey Ivan, pics look familiar? Check out those chocolate chip cammies.

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    I see you’ve moved the FTX to coincide with Bright Star this time! A great AAR, maybe one day a Red will challenge you to honorable combat.

  • PEIPER says:

    Well fought! Glad to see new players getting games in and with a good teach like you OH no wonder hes got such a good grasp on the game.

  • Oberst Hunts says:

    Its those draught conditions in the west. Could have called this one Sword Point Two. I only have one set of terrain which is North Africa from FOW. Everyone else has the great TY stuff but they were playing on the table next to us. At least we had one Red player show up but he could only play one game. So I got B-o-B again.

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Niederbayern is looking a little… dusty… this time of year.