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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Take 'em All Out!

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact

CPT Wilson was distraught, to say the least. With half is Armor Company with the XO broken down and the other half with him lost, things could be going better. All these German towns looked the same, and the road signs with gibberish were no help. Worst of all, his scouts ahead of what was left of his unit reported enemy tanks ahead.

"Well, maybe a few kills will bolster morale," he thought to himself.


Again, we were short on time, so we played Annihilation on a 4'x4'. I brought a Tank Company with two platoons and a scout section. DeltaRed brought a Tank Battalion with three companies and anti-tank support. DeltaRed won the roll for the attacker and chose for daylight rather than roll for a time. I won the roll for first turn, however.

Turn 1

Turn 1

Second platoon shoots at storms, destroying all three. Rest of the formation goes to ground.

Second Platoon draws first blood by wiping out the Storm unit.

Third Company moves into the woods, one bogging. Second Company moves up to behind some craters, again one bogging. First Company moves up around the woods. First Company fires at Second Platoon missing. Second Company fires at second platoon, bailing one and destroying the other. The platoon leader steadies himself and stays in the fight. Third company fires at Third Platoon but misses.

Turn 2

Turn 2

The ITV fires and misses. Second Platoon fires and misses. Tank 31 fires at First Company, destroying one. Tanks 32 and 33 fire at Third Company, destroying another. Tank 66 fires at Third Compay and scores two hits, but the rounds bounce.

The Americans are off to a good start.

Second Company fires at Third Platoon, scoring a hit but the Abrams' armor holds. First company fires, knocking out Tank 31.

Turn 3

Turn 3

Third Platoon bails out two tanks in Second Company but they refuse to flee. The ITV fires at First Company and misses. Tank 33 fires at Third Company, destorying one. Tank 66 fires at Third company, finishing them off.

DeltaRed Fails to remound his two bailed tanks, rolling snake eyes! First Company kills off Second Platoon by destroying Tank 21. Second Company fires at Third Platoon, killing the last two tanks and wiping out that platoon. The Soviet Battalion Commander fires at the American Company Commander, his tank going up in flames.

If a Tank Company loses all its tanks, what's left?

At this point, my reaction to that turn was something like this:

Turn 4

Turn 4

My ITV takes one last, desperate shot. One shot that could cause a Soviet Company to break. But alas, he misses for the third time in a row.

The remaining T-72s line up, a firing squad ready to finish this fight. They let loose six shots, and one finds its mark. The ITV goes up in flames, and the M113 makes a break for it back to friendly lines.

The T-72s line up, ready to pounce on the Scout Section.
The lone surviving M113 realizes it doesn't like going toe to toe with T-72s, and it flees.


End State

Needless to say CPT Wilson's company will not have the fame that Team Argonaut is currently claiming in Leipzig. This was a match that turned very quickly on me, and well-played for my opponent's application of brute force. DeltaRed was able to make a lot of armor saves as well, while I was not as lucky.

Again we were short on time so another small game. Fear not friends and foes, our largest game yet will be posted tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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