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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Downed Bird in Leipzig

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact

Team Argonaut speeds across the countryside. Their orders came in just minutes before. A bird was shot down with a VIP on board with sensitive items on his person. Team Argonaut was the closest in the area and their priority was to secure the VIP and items before the Soviets could. They didn't even have time to repair Tank 21 from their push into Leipzig or mobilize support for the Company. They were on their own for this one. CPT Cook hoped they hadn't bit off more than they could chew.


This was a 70-point game using Gauntlet from the Quick Missions PDF. We decided to play on a 6'x4' and adjusted distances accordingly. The Soviets were the attackers, using a massive T-72 battalion. I used a cut-down Team Argonaut that has been seen in my previous battles. After all, this was a direct action mission and there wasn't time to mobilize divisional support.

Turn 1

Once again, my scouts play their parts and I'm able to deploy Third platoon and my mechanized platoon within spitting distance of the OBJ. Third platoon pushes up into an adjacent field to get a better field of fire on the incoming Soviets. The scouts move into a position to cover the mechanized as they secure the Huey and set up defenses. Second platoon and the CPT Cook push up into a woodline overseeing the Soviet flank, however Tank 24 bogs down. They fire, only killing one storm. (I only rolled three dice instead of six, being the dumb dumb I am).

Team Argonaut quickly moves to secure the downed Huey and VIP.
"Enemy Anti-tank deeeeestroyed!"

A Soviet T-72 company pushes into the woods in front of me while first company pushes behind some trees. Third company charges my flanking force. The storms fire, missing, The T-72s in the treeline fire, getting a chance to bail but failing the firepower.

Turn 2

The mech platoon dismounts, moving to positions in the woods while the M113s find a place to hide. Third platoon moves up has two tanks fire into the T-72s in the trees, killng two. Second platoon splits their fire, two tanks firing at the T-72s moving up, bailing one while to CO and last abrams tank fires at the storms, destorying one. The sole survivor stays.

Mechanized Infantry quickly dismount and move into position.

The Soviets seem to be changing up their strategy. They change direction on their third company away from my flanking force. First company moves to engage third platoon, being able to see the whites in their eyes. The Storm engages second platoon, bailing tank 23. first company engages thrid platoon, destorying Tank 32.

"Tank 32 is hit!"

Turn 3

The Infantry attempt a blitz move, having to move up to the edge of the woods without firing their dragons. Third platoon hits three against Second company but no effect. Tank 22 kills a T-72 from second company. CPT Cook destroys the last Storm.

First company press the attack even more, going nose to nose with the Third Platoon and the infantry. They pepper the infantry with MG fire, but the infantry gets small and survive. Three tanks take aim at the Abrams, but miss.

How I pictured the US Infantry reacted at the sight of almost a dozen T-72s charging their position:

The Soviet horde closes in.

Turn 4

Second platoon pushes up, with Tank 22 bogging down but Tank 23 scoring two kills and forcing a morale check which the company promptly passes. The rest of my US shooting is completely ineffective.

Tank 23 with the long shot and side armor hits.

The Soviets, now fully committed to the attack, engage the Infantry and Third platoon. Both Tanks 31 and 34 are destroyed. However, Tank 33 has an iron resolve and stays in the fight.

Turn 5

The ITV from the scouts shoots and misses. A Dragon team is able to bail a T-72. Tank 22 bogs down again. Tank 23 scores two kills two and Tank 24 kills 1. CPT Cook kills another and causes first and third companies to run.

Third platoon marvels at the destruction that lies before them.

The Russians cry out "Ura!" Their final goal to inflict as much damage as possible before being wiped out. They fire once more at the infantry and Tank 33. The infantry weather the attack however Tank 33 is bailed and is abandoned by her crew.

"This is Argo 3-6, my platoon is out of the fight! Good luck Argo."


At the start of my turn, the Russians don't have any units within 8 inches of the objective meaning I am the victor. We decided on a short tank battle to quickly hammer out our battle for the day. Neither of us had the energy for a full battle today. Sadly losing Third platoon at the end robbed me of another 6-1 victory, but I'm content with a 5-2.

I know the lack of maps unlike my usual reports may throw some of you off, I promise to return to that tomorrow when Team Yankee goes on the defensive against the Russian horde once more! It was a long day for both DeltaRed and I and we are looking forward to our regularly scheduled programming.

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