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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Into Berlin

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Underground Warren

The American 82nd airborne was trying to push into Berlin with a attack at dawn. but we did not gain any ground.
I apologize again for Proxies, My DAK armored cars are LAVs. Just waiting on the post man.

I took the Right corner hoping the woods would give me enough cover. I think I should have spear headed up the short edge to take away the hill and line of approach.

Turn 1: After using a spearhead down my long table edge the Lavs and the Sheridan’s opened fire on the infantry in the open after getting good vision rolls.

Turn 2 : The soviet BMPs pushed down the right hand short table edge. and the T64s showed up from reserve to advance with them. Sheridan’s and LAVs again fired into the Horde.

Turn 3: The LAVs on the right came around the cornet to bail a couple BMPs and managed to Destroy one. The LAV HQ managed to range in smoke, this allowed the left LAV platoon to push up and open fire into the advancing infantry in the middle of the board. The Sheridan’s again fired into the infantry. This took 5 stands from the horde. Lav’s on the right feel back to the objective and I was able to slide 1 infantry stand to contest the other objective.

After Day Broke The soviets dropped smoke in front of the Sheridan’s allowing the infantry to use AT assets to destroy to the LAVs in front of them. Advanced on the right hand side and took out the LAV’s

Turn 4: On this turn not pictured. Under the cover of night the was an air assault in to the middle of the city. Helos landed and the AA could not see due to vision rolls. Door gunners took a couple stand out after landing. The Sheridan’s advanced and used .50 cals and .30 cals to take out 4 infantry stands. The Sheridan’s attempted an assault but they where denied. Sheridan’s on the right Moved out and able to take out 1 T64. One T64 rolled a 5 to negate a 152mm HE round.

(I was hoping day would not break on the first turn. I did not pin the infantry with shooting. I was trying to save the infantry in the choppers. Plus I wanted to see what would of happen to the Sheridan’s)

Soviets got reserves and brought on the Shilka’s hence the reason no Infantry or Helos on the board. The infantry advanced forcing the choppers in the air and a turkey shoot commenced. lesson learned.

Turn 5 on ward: So The Sheridan’s never hit another tank eventually being taken out from BMP fire and the tanks. The 1 infantry stand on the end made every save to continue to contest the objective. My HMMWV company stated rolling on the board trying to take out the remaining soviet horde but they had dug in and just let the BMPs due the work on both sides of the board. This game went on for a little over 3 hours called for time. 1-3 Draw

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