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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

82nd w/ ACR in Leipzig

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Underground Warren

64pts vs Spamdrel in Leipzig Counterattack at DAWN. Sorry for missing turn 2 pics.

Soviet Deployment

Turn 1

I used the M113 scounts to spear head for deployment. This allowed the M1s, the M113s the make it all the way down my board edge. The Sheridan's where following behind. The Huey's landed behind the forest allowing enough distance so they would not be forced in the air. It was Night just before dawn so the enemy could not rush the choppers.

Turn 2

The Soviet company on the left flank started to push into the town in the center on the board at the bottom of turn 1. trying to cutoff any American reserves coming into the battle.

This pick is from the bottom of turn 3.

The armored column pushed up the right flank taking out the BMP1's. The Infantry dismounted the choppers pushed into the forest. Pinned the soviets, but was repelled by defensive fire.

Turn 3

The M1s Left the BMPs with 1 left and I managed to assault and the soviets where forced to break off.

Turn 4

The soviets got reserve bringing on some shulka's behined the Sheridan's. Taking out 2 of them. The Sheridan's with the help on an M1 managed to take out the shulka's.

Turn 5

The Soviets continued to advance through the city. The BMPs rushed the forest To force the choppers in the air. On the bottom on turn 4. Dawn broke and under full daylight. The M106s showed up last turn and Dropped smoke in the tree line this turn. The Abrams move into the woods to support the infantry the dug in preparing for the assault. the Sheridan's dashed up to catch up to the formation.

Turn 6

The T72 showed up on the bottom 5, took out the Sheridan, M113. The 1 M1 bogged in the woods. The M1s fired .50 cals and 7.62 at the Soviets in the woodline. The infantry followed up these shots with SAW and M60 fire. By taking out the infantry closest to the M1s the Soviet player was no longer able to contest the objective. As I started and ended my turn contesting I won a hard fought match.

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