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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Blue on blue lepzig

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United States
VS West German

The American’s and West German met in an undisclosed area to prepare for a counter attack operations in Leipzig

Turn 1: The Americans started down their long board edge. The ACR commander tried to slow the M1s down but was unsuccessful. The M1 platoon leader wanting to catch up the infantry and realizing that his platoon was in the open to the Leo 2s issued a follow me order, but was not able to motivate his troops to press on. The Infantry landed on the far objective. The Sheridan’s failed to blitz move and 1 failed a cross check and was stuck at the edge of the woods. And the M106 showed up to get into position to assist. There is another 82nd airborne infantry loitering off the board looking for an opening to exploit.

The WG ambushed the Jaguar’s to take out the M1s on the side, cause the platoon to break, and also taking out a Sheridan. The Leo 2’s moved toward the infantry.

Turn 2:
The infantry on the objective disembarked the choppers and took up firing lanes in the wood line. The ACR commander pushed up to try and assist the infantry. The Sheridan’s returned fire with their own missiles taking out 2 jaguar’s. The fist made it was up the over pass.

The Commander Leo moved to flank the Sheridan’s but missed, The Leo 2 platoon pushed up to fire on the Infantry on the objective. This also was not effective.

Turn 3:
An M113 scout section showed up to protect the mortars. The Sheridan’s where able to remove the Leo2 commander from the fight. The Infantry Dug in. The mortars pinned the WG infantry. Another scout section showed up to advance on the WG infantry, and trying to find angles to engage the Leo 2 out side of main gun range.

The WG infantry unpinned. The Leo 2’s doubled back to apply pressure on the Sheridan’s. The Sheridan’s found the motivation to stick around. Some Gerpard’s showed up to try and flank the infantry on the WG objective. And the high rate of fire caught up to the ACR commander.

Turn 4:
Sheridan did not remount. And the failed to Blitz out of the woods. The Infantry in front of the Gepards blitzes to the edge of the wood line. And assaulted the Gepards while using sneaking up on tanks. The mortars pinned the WG infantry.

The Marders pushed around the woods and returned fire on the M113’s and ITV’s.

Turn 6:

Win, Joe was unable to contest with out letting the infantry sneak up on them.

I am waiting for JOE to upload pics as I dont remember the details of the battle, as my phone died.

But the Air Assault landing on Turn 1 into the objective in woods made it tough for the WG’s to win. The sneaking up on the Gepards was another crippling blow. I should of put a M113 scout section on the board to start to have the Sheridan’s start with firing lanes into the Leo 2’s. The Infantry loitering the whole game above the board was a great deterrent and QRF to keep him from massing his force. I wanted to keep his 6 platoons spread out and unable to coordinate any fire.

Still waiting to test this list VS a BMP2 list.

ALSO: our group plays on Thursday nights and the campaign theaters lock Thursday at midnight. So we might have to post place holder reports.

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