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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

You want a piece of Leipzig? Come get some!

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Solo Mio!

“Colonel Attwood, I need your boys at Leipzig!” snapped General Bryant. The Russkies are throwing everything they have at us to stop us from going into Berlin! Your job, Colonel is to stop them dead in their tracks, got it? “Yes sir.” Attwood left Bryant headquarters wondering which company commander he was going to tap for this job.
“Have a seat, Captain.” The Captain sat down wondering what the next job was going to be. “You know the Russians are hitting us hard to prevent us from getting Berlin.”
The Captain nodded. “Your company is going to hold the line at the town of Torgau. There is a lot of woods and rivers there so you should be able to do this.” “Colonel, I need protection from the air and the VADS just cannot cover every square inch of the sector.”
Attwood smiled. “I am having a unit of Chaparrals coming up your way now. These boys are fresh off the transport plane, but they know what they are doing. You just keep them protected , got it?” “Yes, sir.” As the Captain turned to leave the Attwood spoke, “Captain, this is a no retreat situation. Under no circumstances are you to retreat, understood?” “Yes, sir.” The Captain left the HQ to go back to his company.

Russian Turn 1
Both T-72 tank companies moved out. The left company made slow progress as some of the tanks failed their cross checks. Shots were fired at the M1 platoon in the woods near the river with no effect. The right company proceeded down the road fired at the other M1 platoon in the wheat field and missed. The Hinds came toward the forest where the Mech platoon dug in. The Chaparrals responded, hitting the Hinds, one of them went down.

Ready! Set! Go!
BMPs move out!

American Turn 1
The .50 cal on the M113s fired taking down one Hind. The Russians have not even fired their Hinds yet! The Cobras fired their TOWs at the right company taking out two T-72s on the road . The M1s in the wheat field fired at the right company and took down two more T-72s. The woods M1 s took out a T-72 from the left company.

Hinds! Say hello to my little friend!
Scratch one Hind!

Russian Turn 2
Before the Hinds could say or do anything, the Chaparrals fired, hit and did not down them, but the .50 cal MGs on the M113s did! No more Hinds to worry about! BMPs are moving forward. The right and left companies moved forward shooting at the M1s but to no avail.

American Turn 2
Fire from the M1s resulted in one T-72 destroyed and two bailed out. The Cobra’s TOWs did nothing.

Russian Turn 3
Carnation Instant Breakfast group fired on their Pre aimed point on the board causing the Mech platoon to become pinned. The BMPs are still moving forward trying the cross the river into the woods. The right company is down to two tanks and is now in the woods. The left company is bringing more barrels on the M1 platoon in the woods across the river.

The left company is bringing more barrels to bear down on the M1 platoon in the woods!

American Turn 3
The M1 woods platoon fired taking out another T-72 from the left company. Mech platoon could not unpin. Cobras moved to another part of the board to get better shots.

Mech platoon still holding in the woods. A round for teh boys manning the .50s!

Russian Turn 4
The left company fired on the M1 woods platoon fired and destroyed an M1 and bailed out another. Everyone else tried to advance.

Left company taking on th M1 platoon in the woods by the river.

American Turn 4
The M1 HQ unit swung around from behind the church and fired on the two remaining T-72s int eh woods. One went down and the Cobras fired their TOW missiles taking out the last T-72 in the right company. The woods M1s fired on the left company bailing out one more T-72.

Fighting has not stopped yet!

Russian Turn 5
Carnations fired on the Mech platoon and pinned it one more time. The left company fired and missed.

Carnation Instant Breakfast, if it is good for the Cobras...

Below is a video of this incredible fight! It even has a commercial! Enjoy!

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