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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

We won't let go of Brandenburg, ever!

United States
VS Warsaw Pact

This scenario is a modified version of No Retreat. There are no reserves as every unit starts on the table. The US also gets 4 minefields. The Warsaw Pact is counter attacking attacking into the Brandenburg region. Major Berki’s T72 company has been ordered to seize either objective near the town of Seesen just off of the 7 Highway.

I tried to use radio transmissions to tell the story. I have never served in the military or law enforcement. Therefore, if I make glaring mistakes regarding radio transmission protocol, please forgive me. Now, on with the show!

US troops deploying in Seesen.


Major Berki’s briefing: Comrades , the attack will kick off at approximately 0630. The codename for the attack is Irina.

Captain’s Tran’s briefing: Hold Seesen at all costs. We cannot give up the ground we have taken.

Special Scenario Rules

Special Scenario Rules
1] All Russian units that start directly behind the river automatically pass the first Cross Check on Turn 1. This gets the units into and through the river but need to take a Cross Check to get out of the river. This reflects the incredible preparation for this attack.

Call signs for both sides.

Russian units & their call signs
HQ = Bezerk 1 ; Tank Company 1= Bezerk 2 ; Tank Company 2 = Bezerk 3
Hinds = Hound 1 & Hound 2 ; Motor Rifles = Malev 1 ; BMP-1 OP = Fyodr-1
Carnation = Instant Breakfast ; Gopher = Guryev-1

US units & their call signs
HQ = King 1 ; Platoon Nelson = Nelson ; Platoon Anker = Anker ;

Arnie’s Arty = Terminator ; Laser-guided projectiles = Tron Bikes

FIST of Frank = Frank 1; Walley’s ITV = Walley ; Cobra = Fang ;

Valentine’s VADS = Valentine ; SoCal’s Chaparral = SoCal
Mike & the Mechanized platoon = Mike

The number one indicates the commander of that unit.

Turn 1

Russian Turn 1

+++ Bezerk 1 to all units. We are Irina. I repeat, we are Irina+++
+++Bezerk 1this is Guryev 1. We have enemy aircraft on our radar. Permission to engage.+++
+++Guryev 1 this is Bezerk 1 enage.+++
Guryev 1 fired SAMs at the American Cobras two of them were hit scratch one cobra.
Bezerk 1 moved forward crossed into the river but failed to cross into the forest.

Bezerk 2 moved forward crossing the river five tanks correction for tanks did not cross into the woods for tanks cross the river and went into the woods successfully.

Berserk 3 moved forward crossing the river two tanks failed to tanks succeeded into the woods three tanks successfully cross the river into the clearing two tanks fired on an M1 platoon destroying the platoon Commander‘s tank.

Hounds 1 & 2 stayed right where they were and did nothing.
++Instant Breakfast this is Fyodr 1 . I have a LOS to a juicy target, coordinates to follow.+++

Instant Breakfast with the help of Fyodr 1 down a salvo onto infantry stands in the middle of the battlefield and pinning them.

First blood! You can be sure the Americans will not take this insult lightly.

US Turn 1
+++King 1 this is Fang 1. Fang 4 just went down. Do we engage? Over. +++
+++Fang 1 this is King 1 take them out! +++
+++King 1 this is SoCal 1 we downed two birds. Over.+++
+++ SoCal 1, OUTSTANDING! Beers for you guys after the event! +++

The cobras engaged the gophers the hind helicopters turned it to meet that threat. While the fines were turning they were hit by the surface to air missiles of the chaparrals. Both hind helicopters went down in a fireball.

+++King 1 this is Mike 1 My guys in the former hamlet are assessing casualties. +++
+++Mike 1, Roger that and get your people in order as Ivan is coming. +++

Mechanized platoon failed to unpin.

+++King 1 this is Nelson 2. Nelson 1 has been hit. There are survivors.+++
+++ Roger that Nelson 2. Until we hear from Nelson 1, you are in charge. +++
+++ King 1 to all units engage any Targets of Opportunity+++

Nelson’s platoon moved forward to engage the tank company on there right destroying two tanks and bailing a third.

+++King 1 this is Terminator 1, Fred 1 has found the snitch responsible for Mike 1’s misery. Can we send Tron’s Bikes over to the snitch?+++
+++Terminator 1 do what you have to do to bring relief to Mike 1. Over.+++

Frank’s FIST spotted for the M109‘s that lobbed the laser-guided projectiles destroying the BMP one that was on the hill. Now the Russian Carnation battery no longer has an observer.

+++Bezerk 1 this is Fyodr 1 request to move to another loca- (Static) +++
+++Fyodr 1 say that again. Do you read me? Fyodr 1!+++
+++Bezerk 1 this is Hound 1. We are going to fire on the Cobr-(Stactic) +++

Bezerk 1 already knew as he heard the explosions of Hound 1 & 2.

+++King 1 this is Fang 1 scratch 2 Gophers and 2 probables. Over+++
+++Fang 1 this is King 1. Ain’t payback brutal? Over.+++

The Gopher unit lost two and bailed out the other two.

SoCal's Chaparrals have their moment in the sun!

Turn 2

Russian Turn 2

+++Bezerk 1 to all units. Keep moving forward! +++

Major Berki’s T72 cannot seem to cross the other side of the river.

Gophers fired 4 missiles at the Cobra helicopter and missed!

Bezerk 2 & Bezerk 3 moved forward firing as they went and knocked out 1 M1s from Nelson’s platoon .
+++King 1 this is Nelson 4, we have taken too much damage and we are heading back to the assembly area. Over+++

The last M1 in Nelson’s platoon failed its Unit Morale test and left the field.

Forward men! URA!!!

American Turn 2
+++King 1 this is Fang 1 we VULCANIZED the SAM unit. They will not bother us anymore. Over+++
+++King 1 to Fang 1 Excellent work! Now concentrate on other priority targets as this push looks like it is for all the marbles. Over+++
+++King 1 Copy that, Fang1 out.+++
The Cobras finished off the SAM unit with their Vulcan guns.
+++King 1 to Frank 1. Hold your position. We are coming out to support you! Over.+++

HQ platoon moves behind the FIST to shore up the left flank.

+++King 1 this is Frank 1. Copy that. BREAK. Terminator 1 this is Frank 1. We have a request for a repeat performance of Tron’s Bikes. We’re sending you the coordinates of the targets. Over. +++

+++ Frank 1 They are on their way. You might want to vacate the premises. Over. +++

Mike's Mechanized Infantry are taking cover in the ruined hamlet. Unaware that Russian Arty likes them!

Turn 3

Russian Turn 3

Major Berki’s T72 cannot seem to cross the other side of the river.

+++Bezerk 1 this is Malev 1. We are engaging target with 30mm cannon fire. Over. +++

Motorized company advances into the woods and begins to engage US Mech platoon with 30mm cannon but with no success.

+++Bezerk 1 this is Bezerk 3. Where are these American tanks coming from? I thought we took them out. Gunner! Fire at will! +++
+++Bezerk 1 this is Bezerk 2. We are engaging multiple targets. Over. +++

Bezerk 2 and Bezerk 3 moved out and fired on Anker’s platoon knocking out 2 M1s.

+++Bezerk 1 this is Bezerk 2. We took out what looks like an observation vehicle. Over. +++
+++Bezerk 2 this is Bezerk 1. Good job! Do not forget the objective! Over. +++

The FIST M113 went out in a fireball by tanks from Bezerk 2.

You took out our BMP-1, we'll return the favor!

US Turn 3
+++King 1 this is King 2. Engaging target. Over. +++

HQ platoon split apart (still in command radius). One fires on a T72, bailing it.

+++ Terminator 1 this is King 1. I have an audience for you who like Tron’s Bikes. Any chance you can do an encore? Over. +++
+++King 1 this is Terminator 1. Roger on that. Send us the coordinates. Over. +++

Other M1 guides the laser munitions and knocks out a T72.

+++Fang 2 and 3 this is Fang 1. Look who needs our help out there in the stream?+++
+++Fang 1 This is Fang 3. That tank looks different from the others. Something does not fit here. Over.+++
+++Fang 2 and 3 Stop wondering and start firing! Looks like we have a big fish here!+++

The Cobra helicopter flight fired TOW missiles at the Russian formation commander’s tank, knocking it out. Formation commander flees to another tank commandeering it.

+++King 1 this is Mike 1. Bumps are all around us. Engaging them. Over. +++
+++Roger that Mike 1. Do what it take to win!+++

Mech platoon fires LATW and Dragons destroying 2 BMP2s. Survivors are in shock as they are pinned down.

(Inside the M1 known as Anker-2)
+++Steady, steady, wait for it… NOW!!+++

Anker’s platoon moves up and bails one T72.

Want to know what is a beautiful sight? A burning HInd!
What's better than a burning Hind? TWO burning Hinds!

Turn 4

Russian Turn 4
Bezerk 3 has moved forward with a few tanks going into the woods to help the motorized infantry.

+++Bezerk3 to all Bezerk3 units. Engage the American infantry! Over. +++

After a lot of firing from the main guns of the T72s hits were made, but no destruction except the pin that the US mech platoon received.

Artillery tried to hit the same target and failed.

Motorized infantry unpinned and were organizing themselves for the next push. The BMP 2s fired their 30mm cannon at the US Mech infantry but no results.

+++Bezerk 1 to Bezerk 2. Engage the American tanks as there are only a few of them.+++

The T72 company moves forward and fires at the HQ section of M1s and boldly missed. Something must be off with those optics…

COBRA!! Note the callsign, Fang.

US Turn 4
+++Valentine 2 to Valentine 1. This is like a turkey shoot back home! +++
+++Valentine 1 to Valentine 2 . Terminate anything Russian with extreme prejudice!+++

Valentine’s VADS moved out and attacked the motorized infantry company in the woods, destroying 1 BMP 2 in the process.

Motorized Infantry company making its way in the woods.

Turn 5

Russian Turn 5
+++Bezerk 1 this is Malev 1. We are engaging the crazy Yanks in their anti-aircraft vehicles. Threat eliminated, but we sustained casualties. Over. +++
+++King 1 this is Valentine 2. Valentine 1 is out and I am pulling back. Over.+++

One of the M163 VADS was destroyed and the other failed the unit morale check.

+++Bezerk 1 this is Bezerk 2. We are engaging what looks like the command tank of this unit.+++

Bezerk 2 did engage the HQ section of M1s but failed miserably to stop them.

+++Bezerk 1 this is Bezerk 3. We are assaulting the dug in American infantry. +++
+++Bezerk 1 this is Bezerk 3. The commissar said the American anti tank weapons were inferior to urs! We lost two and are falling back. Over. +++

Bezerk 3 tried to assault the US mech infantry but the Dragon missiles knocked out two of the three tanks involved in the assault.

The fighting is getting desperate!

US Turn 5
King 2 directed some laser guided munitions from M1092 and bailed the Russian formation commander and two other T72 tanks, but no kills. King 1 fired and destroyed a T72.

Cobras fired on the other T72 company on the other flank. They bailed out two T72 tanks.

Anker’s platoon moved up and fired on the T72 company bailing out the third T72.

Mike’s Mechanized infantry fired Dragon missiles with no effect on the front armor f T72s.

Both Russian tank companies passed their morale checks. The game goes into another turn!

The fighting is still intense and the game can go either way!

Turn 6

Russian Turn 6
+++Bezerk 1 this is Bezerk 2. We are still trying to reorganize. Over.+++

The T72 tank company closest to the formation commander did not remount their tanks. All two of them are still bailed out.

+++Bezerk 1 this is Bezerk 3. We are trying to recover, but we will continue our push on the American positions in the woods. Over.+++

The T72 tank company on the other side fired and missed the US Mech infantry.

+++Bezerk 1 to HQ. We are about to win a glorious victory for the workers of our Socialist paradise…What do you mean it did not go off?+++

Formation commander moved to the central road to fire at the M1 of Anker’s platoon, failing to score a hit.

+++Instant Breakfast 2 & 3 this is Instant Breakfast 1. I have acquired a new target, prepare to receive coordinates. On my mark, open fire. +++

Russian artillery fired a barrage on Anker’s platoon failing to do nothing.

+++Malev 1 to all Malev units. Advance on the American position. +++

Motorized infantry unit moved up shooting as they advanced taking out a Dragon Missile team.

Keep fighting!

American Turn 6
+++Anker 2 this is Anker 1. Our target is the lead tank. Free fire on it! +++

Anker’s platoon moves to the side of the Russian formation commander’s tank , knocking it out.

+++King 1 to King 2 I scored a KIA on the Tango seven two! +++
+++King 2 to Terminator 1. What did you guys put in those rounds? They ‘re hitting, but nothing is happening. Over.+++

The HQ section split up duties as one was a spotter for the laser guided munitions resulting in nothing happening.

The other M1 destroyed another T72.

+++Fang 1 to Fang 2 & 3. Fire TOWs again at the same targets. We need to take them out!. Over. +++

Cobras released TOWs on the T72 company on the other side, destroying one and bailing out another.

+++King 1 this is Mike 1. The Russians are falling back!+++
+++King 1 to Mike 1. Roger that and I see this as a very good sign.+++

Formation commander = KIA no tank nearby to run to.

Bezerk 2 & 3 rolled for Unit Morale and both failed.

Game Results

Game Over
US win 4-3

US losses: 1 X M1 tank platoon (Nelson), 1 X VADS platoon Valentine

Russian losses: 2 X T72 companies, 1 X formation commander, 2 X Hinds,
1 X platoon SA-13 Gopher SAM launchers

I think what went wrong for the Russians was when they had all those T72s Bailed Out and almost all of them did not remount.
No remount = less gun tubes pointed at the Americans.
It was a good fight and almost every unit contributed!

How the Americans feel about the Russians advancing in Europe!

Here is the AAR video of the battle itself!

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  • Jagdpanzer says:

    nice report mate!

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    Fireworks Alley Excellent report. Tough fighting. Thanks for posting.

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    Nice report.Great Terrain!

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    Congratulations on the win. Commendation for the Nun.

  • mcanu says:

    Red Alert,

    Was it a fair fight? Probably not, but I wanted to modify the scenario and try it out. Point values were nearly even. The Free for All scenario was not going to convey the desperation I wanted to convey with this fight. As for my opponents… well if you read their names, it gives you an idea what they are like. 😉

    There are subtle differences between TY and FOW especially in the Good Spirits department. There is a part of me that thought it was easier when you reached the 50% casualties level that checks needed to be made. Bringing a unit down to two teams is a lot harder than it looks. The Russians had numerous bailouts and did not remount them in time. That was a luck of the dice as it could have easily gone the other way around.

    One of the call signs tells you where I am from /live as well as the natural vegetation. Another call sign makes reference to a music group that existed in the 80s. Yes, Twisted Sister did have that hit back in 1985. There is something said about being nostalgic.

    We will push the Reds back and Murica!

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    Great AAR. You put forth plenty of time and effort into your Report. NATO is proud of you.

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    The report was top notch 😉

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    Nice battle but I am not sure that the set up is fair. If you want everything in play then Free-For-All gives more room for maneuvering. In No Retreat then the table is tight to offset the balance for the defender and the mines are there to buy him time.

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    Perfect report. Earned you a commendation.

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    Loved reading the radio communications 😀

    Instant breakfast for Mike and the Mechanized boys 😛

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    Don’t worry about radio transmissions, comrade. You’d be amazed at what passes for procedure in training exercises when people get excited, much less really shot at

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