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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

RUHR Bridgehead

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Warsaw Pact
VS West German

Rhur Bridgehead

Turn One Soviets advance.
West German Pocket faces Soviet Armor

Turn One: Soviets have the initiative. I advanced my T72s in order to conduct a frontal While my BMP-2s held on the right as a fire base. My infantry moved up my left flank as a cutoff force.

During the first turn my goal was to kill the Gepards.This would allow air support could come in UN-hindered. Easy enough with 8 T 72s and 4 BMP-2s firing their missiles. Well apparently no one adjusted their sights after the road move and all shots were missed.

Soviets bearing down on the German posistion.
Soviet Infantry on the move.

Turn One: Germans move to engage BMP-2s while Gepards seek cover.

Marders move to engage BMP-2s
Marders engage BMP-2s
Top of turn 2.

Turn 2: One section of Soviet tanks advances to engage the Gepards while the other section of T-72s advances to close with the German infantry. BMP-2s engage and destroy all but one Marder on the right flank. The Marder stays but is bailed. Soviet Infantry moves to a firing position on the left.

Marders are mardered...
Turn 2 T 72s burn in the distance.
Gepard and marder move to engage Soviet infanty.
Leo 2s arrive to catch T72s on the flank.
Top of Turn 3.
Everything explodes.

Turn 3: Soviet T-72s move into close range with the German infantry. Due to a tactical error the shilkas move up to hopefully wipe out the German infantry. Soviet Infantry advance on the remaining gepards.

Turn3: Leo 1s show up. Leo 2s and LEO ones destroy the Shilka section and finish off the Surviving member of the T-72 platoon. Tornados drop their salvo on the Commander and he is killed.

German Tanks knock out a Soviet armored coloumn.

Turn 4: Soviet Infantry bail a marder. The powerful soviet air force shows their might by destroying a section of Leo-2s. The enemy commander is destroyed.

Soviet Infantry move on Gepards and a marder.
Brave Soviet soldiers destroy the West German Gepards and marder as they attempt to break free of their pocket.
Soviet Hinds and Frogfoots destroy leopard 2 section.
German infantry pull off the objective as fast movers drop their salvo weapon on the brave Soviet tankers..
German aircraft is shot down by aa mg.

DEFEAT! This was a close game. It came down to a T72 company passing a morale check to end the game. They failed and since my commander was dead that was it. Had they passed I still had my frogfoots and hinds which would have taken care of the Remaining leo 1s. As well as BMP-2s and Infantry. The German player had 3Leo 1s ,infantry and a tornado left. This match was really bloody but I had fun. Hopefully next time I will bring the motherland a victory.

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