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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Frankfurt counter attack AAR

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Warsaw Pact
VS West German

Deployment: West Germans Deploy on the outskirts of town

West German Deployment

Deployment: Soviet Forces Deploy nearby a town.

Soviet Deployment. Infantry are inside the BMPs
Deployment: Image provided by Aerial Recon prior to the battle.

Turn One: West Germans advance forward from their deployment zone.

West Germans advance

Bottom of Turn One: Soviet forces advance in order to set up near the objective. My Plan was to move my BMP Motor Rifle Coy behind the wooded pond area. From there my infantry would conduct woods clearing before pushing onto the objective.

Turn One: Soviets advance.
Photo taken by Soviet Camera crew.
Moments before West German Leopard 1s appear.

Turn Two: The West German Commander calls in reinforcements. Leopard ones show up and make short work of the BMP 2s and some Soviet infantry go up in the inferno. On the far flank the Leopard 2s have some trouble navigating a swamp and bog.

BMPs burning in the distance. Photo recovered from body of a West German soldier.

Bottom of Turn two: Soviets move to counter the West German Reinforcements.I had forgot his reserves came on right there. It was an oversight on my part. On a positive note our friend arrived with Timmies.

T72s move to engage Leo1s. Joe, bringer of coffee enjoys his in the background.
Soviet infantry push upto the railbed to engage the Leo1s

Top of Turn 3: German IFVs move to engage Soviet AA. Leo 1s pull back.
Bottom of turn 3: Soviet infantry move into the wooded area.T72s Deal with the Leo1s. German IFV is destroyed. T72s show up from reserve but unfortunately don't score any kills.

Infantry push past Leo1s. Shilkas defend themselves.
Leo 2s in posistion.
T72s from reserve.

Turn 4: Germans: German IFVs push on shilkas. German reserves show up behind Soviet force and push on shilkas .LEo2s knock out T72s on the flank.
Turn 4: Soviets: Lone T72 fails to remount. Shilkas maneuver then knock out Luchs. Hinds and T72s engage German IFVs.

Luchs ran out.
T72s take heavy casualties. Section commander decideds to stay.
Hinds flyby wrecks

Turn 5: West German Leo2's move to engage Soviet T72s near the objective.
Turn5: Soviet Infantry push to the objective. Soviet Hinds and Frogfoots engage Leo2s.

T72 Section commander remounts and moves to engage Leo2s from behind.
Soviet armor suffers casualties.
Soviets move onto objective.
A hind is downed by AA fire.

Turn 6: West Germans push onto objective with Last two Leo2s.
Bottom of Turn 6: Soviets push on Leo2s with the Coy Commander and last T72.

Frogfoots fire on objective in distance.
T72s Move in

All in all it was a good match. My plan of flanking right and pushing in when the time was right worked fairly well. I had taken heavy casualties by the time the match had ended. Leopard 2s are tough to crack. Best moment was when my Infantry scored a Leo1 kill with an RPG. Mostly they do nothing and this was the first time they have preformed. Worst moment was when my T72s finally showed up from reserves and missed every shot on the Leo2s flank.

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Warsaw Pact