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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish

M. Nisbet
VS British
Storm Caller

It's been fun

On behalf of the British High Command, we would like to extend our warm wishes to everyone who took part in the campaign. Everyone who put time and effort into reports has made this a nail-biter.
Watching Theatres open, close, swing, stagnate, and the various other twists, turns, and one cannot forget the propaganda that came tumbling out of both sides throughout the entire process. It has been 'quite the ride' as our US allies would have put it.

Final transmission from British Command

And of course, I cannot leave without highlighting the hard work and dedication of the Battlefront and Beasts of War teams behind the scenes, keeping the campaign ticking over and keeping us all very nervous (and sometimes confused).

Finally, thank go to my own group; Glasgow Games Group, the motley crew of: Nabeshin (WG), TheCaptain1989 (US), Aleksandr (WP), ComradeCrapinsky (WP), and the newest recruit, who brought a lot of laughs with his reports and their unique style; Hoffel Roffel Woffel VII (NVA).

If possible, give Hoffel Roffel Woffel a wee commendation on any report you see. He joined us at the last moment, as a complete Team Yankee 'noob', and conducted himself well both on the table and off. So, special thanks go to him.

That's all from British Command now, seems I'm off to have a little chat with some Russian lads. I might take Dogwood with me, he's got experience dealing with Russians.

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  • Storm Caller says:

    One correction, I wasn’t the overall NATO Commander, although it may have seemed that way at time deconflicting all of you national leader and senior staff! I was the British 2IC and you all voted for me into the NATO Chief of Staff without my knowledge, Thanks Adam!

  • Quicksilver says:

    I would also like to thank the Overall NATO commander Storm Caller for all the great intel reports that were provided, keeping us on track and on a common mission orientation, but most of all being the Liason with Phil…cause none of us wanted it! LoL!

    Great Job to All!