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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Leipzg, Rise of the Hinds

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Warsaw Pact
Lord T
VS United States

Fresh from defending Leipziq, and with a brand new replacement set of Hinds Commander T was ready to push the the forces of NATO completely out of Leipziq.

However, due to Commander T needing to order an uber to get out of the battle zone and power on his communication and photography device falling to dangerously low levels only one photo was available.

The deployment zone contained almost the entirety of the Afgansty force. Filling the deployment area with bodies and vehicles. Like a tidal wave, the Soviet forces pushed forward.

The Abrams appeared in the open (ambushing) and moved forward up close and within minimum range of the BMP-2 missiles. Ignoring the now ineffectual BMP-2's the Abrams destroyed the Storm platoon moving up behind it. VADs took up position in the forest and sprayed fire into BMP-2s.

However, with the Vads exposed the BMP-2's concentrated missile and cannon fire. Destroying all of them. Hinds dropped from the sky and ignored the SAM missile flying past them to destroy three Abrams.

At this point the battle was essentially over. The Afgansty backed up by the motor rifle platoon destroyed bothUS infantry platoons, spigots taking out supporting .50 cal equipped transports. The USA spent their final moments failing for a point, but were unable to secure a second platoon destroyed.

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Warsaw Pact
Lord T