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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Dust Up at Bremen

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Warsaw Pact
VS United States
General POTUS

Entrée of the Gladiators

With only an hour available at the start of the club night General POTUS proposed a 40 point game against his Americans. I agreed and brought a force of East Germans. As part of the club firestorm campaign we rolled and General POTUS chose to attack in Bremen, I counterattacked and we rolled, getting the Dust up mission at dawn. He deployed his M1s. I deployed my large infantry platoon guarding both objectives with the BMP2s and Spandrels in support with some T55s waiting behind and my small infantry mounted waiting for the sun to come up to make a run for his mostly unguarded objectives.

The opening moves

General POTUS sent his M1s charging towards my infantry in an attempt to push be off my objectives before dawn, declining to fire so my missiles had no target. However several attempts were beaten off with few losses and even taking out one of his attacking tanks!

Reserves arrive

With dawn our reserves started to arrive and my BMPs and Spandrels exchanged fire with his tanks, getting another M1 but losing the spandrels and some BMPs. Meanwhile more T55s turned up to threaten his objectives and my small infantry platoon raced around in a left hook. Soon my infantry had dismounted and were advancing on foot while the BMP1s took up a supporting position.

A general advance

As his reserves straggled on and were promptly destroyed he moved his remaining tanks back to defend his objectives. Meanwhile the rest of the T55s turned up and pushed forward.


Rapidly running out of room the US found their tanks outflanked and soon he was down to only one, desperately contesting both objectives.


However he couldn't hold on much longer and with his last tank gone we had the objectives and victory!

It seems the defeat had affected him in other ways too. In his dazed condition he thought he was in Brandenburg. :) See his report here: https://firestormstripes.warconsole.com/battles/general-potus-vs-leadgend-1523921279

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