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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Czech Counterattack!

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Warsaw Pact
VS United States
General POTUS

A Recall to Action!

“General Leadgend, we need you.”
The voice was familiar, politburo speeches were required viewing for strategic planners.
“The situation in the north of Germany had changed for the worse. NATO has started using chemical weapons on their own population and has made further advances difficult. We need a breakthrough on the southern front. We need your skill that put you on the Generalissimo list. We need your magic touch. Will you come and give us victory?”
There was only one reply possible to such a request.

The setup

The Czech forces had been training their reservists and equipping with a mix of old stocks and new production and were now ready for action.
US forces had been probing our lines with small scout units which would retreat back to a base area if threatened. The mission is to counterattack across the scouts line of retreat and take out the base if possible.
Recon aircraft had located a number of US heavy tanks at their base and signs there could be more in the area while their scouts were not seen.


Our forces quickly advanced to cut off their scouts with the new BMP2 equipped infantry and some accompanying tanks while the infantry equipped with BMP1s and the majority of the tanks advanced on their base area.
Initial contacts destroyed their HQ vehicle and damaged one of their tanks while our blocking force dug in.

The Americanski fight back!

More enemy tanks in camouflage positions quickly appeared and knocked out many of ours, but mostly old T55s.

They are outflanked

The remaining tanks on our left continued to close with the enemy while the BMPs and tanks of the blocking force advanced to the right, thus exposing the flanks of the enemy. Long range missile fire joined in and the US tank numbers steadily dwindled while we also lost a number of tanks however ours are easy to replace being old T55s and cheap T72Ms while theirs are the latest upgraded M1s!

Their scouts are destroyed.

Meanwhile their scouts started to return, running headlong into the blocking force and causing little damage before being destroyed.

Their last desperate charge

A last desperate push by the enemy to take back their base objective came to nothing and their last tank surrendered.


Our losses though significant in number were nearly all easily replaced old or cheap tanks, the new and expensive missile systems were largely untouched and so future victories seem assured.

Just like the last war it seems out opponents to the west are producing the most expensive and complicated weapons they can but crewing them with old men and boys. We know how it turned out then. Our victory is just a matter of time.

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