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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Deny that bridge

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Warsaw Pact
L W Wood
VS United States

Both sides had similar deployments. Infantry dug in on both primary objectives. Humvee Platoons Spearheaded to the US secondary objective. BRDMs spearheaded toward the wood close to their secondary objective. A second Platoon of Humvees also moved forward to the Canal bank, one getting stuck attempting to cross through the woodland.
The US force opened fire with a volley of TOW missiles from various locations on the left side of the Canal. Disabling 4 BMPs and one T-64. The Soviets found it hard to locate the firing points. Their return fire only manage to spook the crew of a single Humvee. Realising how exposed they were the two humvee platoons on the river bank scooted back through the trees.
Sensing weakness in the US resolve the BRDM and T-64s started to push forward toward the US positions to the East of the bridge. To the south the BMPs re-positioned to threaten the enemy recce units on the other side of the canal. Shots from the T-64s failed to hit the heavily concealed ITVs in the wood. The BMPs had more success a hail of 30mm ripped into one Humvee Platoon destroying two and causing the remaining crews to abandon their vehicles. The remaining BMP fired on the Humvee Platoon covering the US second objective although the shots failed to find their mark.
A fresh volley of TOW missiles destroyed two more BMP. The Humvees moved back to the riverbank targeting the BRDM2s who had come a little too close, their shooting was ineffective. The ITVs in the wood fired on the T-64s, who were not so lucky as two fell victim to the US missiles.
By now the sun was getting low it would soon be dark. The BRDM platoon was fired on by almost every US vehicle on the opposite canal bank only taking damage from a 50 Cal on a Humvee. The BRDMs pushed forward to the water edge, hoping they would be too close for the ITV to engage whilst they targeted the HUMVEE across the Canal. The remaining two T-64s slipped back to cover rather than face another volley of TOW.
As the Sun set US reinforcements started to arrive. Four M 60s closed behind the T-64s threatening the objective. Firing into the rear of the soviet tanks the disabled another leaving one to continue the fight. The now urgently needed 2nd Soviet infantry company arrived pushing forward onto the US second objective but the fire failed to do anything to the nearby HUMVEE platoon. The BRDMs pushed forward across the bridge flanking the Humvee platoon on the Canal bank. The Humvee crews didn’t hang around to face a second round of shots. The T-64 turned to face the newly arrived M60s firing and bailing out one of them.
In the darkness US helicopters were heard but no one could see where they were. The Valiant push of the BRDM was brought to a sudden halt as a result of TOW missiles from to ITVs in the wood. With the crews remounting their M60 all the US tanks fired on the last T-64 unsurprisingly it did not withstand the sheer volume of fire. If it had the Cobras were circling above to finish it off.

Initial Deployment
Soviet Objective Secured
T64 goes down fighting the whole US Army
HUMVEE hide behind the wood preparing to make another strike at the Soviet BMPs
Early victims of TOW missiles
US Recce Spearhead to cover the Soviet approach

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