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Firestorm: Stripes

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Warsaw Pact
L W Wood
VS United States

Throughout the day We had been probing the NATO line looking for a weak point. From the sporadic contacts it was evident the Yankies to our front were trying to do exactly the same to us. The 1st Infantry company had dug in to the south of a small farm. US mech infantry were dug in to the North. Both sides had repeatedly bombarded the farm ensuring never force could take up positions there. By mid afternoon We had identified a gap in the NATO line of defence. To the NorthWest across the river there was a small wood, which overlooked the US positions. If we were quick the 1st Inf Coy could engage the enemy covering the 2nd Coy as they cross the river and pushed forward to the wood. Once there they could flank the US force and we would push them back.
That was the plan at least. The initial fire from 1st Coy destroyed several M113s It was difficult to know how many of their Infantry were hit as they stayed hunkered down in their foxholes. The 2 Coy BMPs moved off across the river at pace using a small wood to cover their intended route. As soon as they crossed they sight enemy tanks a few M60s. They still had surprise on their side and pressed on. The M60s realised they were to be flanked and moved rapidly to intercept, firing as soon as they came into range. Not ever shot found its mark but 3 BMPs were brought to a halt.
With the open ground ahead now clearly covered by enemy Armour the Coy commander elected to dismount before continuing on. At least until the M60s could be neutralised.
To the East the 1st Inf Coy continued to exchange fire with the units to the North of the farm. Now the US tanks had moved forward the Spandrel Platoon took no time to acquire them. Strangely only one missile found its mark.
The 2nd Coy continued to pushed forward cautiously across the plowed field. The US tanks had crossed the river and were getting ever closer taking out several more BMPs thankfully now without passengers. As they closed further they opened fire with machine guns, forcing the Infantry to make the best of their position until these tanks were stopped. This was going to be harder than first thought as more tanks appeared from the NorthWest following closely behind their bretheren. Our request for support had been heard a flight of Hinds dropped more Infantry to the West of the wood.
To the East by the farm there seemed to be less fire returning from the enemy positions. The BMPs moved forward in preparation to cover the Infantry as they advanced. The commander elected to move through the ruins rather than across the open ground.
Another Salvo of missile from the Spandrels met the new arrivals but did nothing of consequence to slow them.
It was now getting dark. The Air Assault infantry prepared positions in the wood. The Hinds lifted straight into an attack run at the first unit of M60s. More units had arrived behind the M60s and the Hinds were met by a hail of orange tracer from miniguns. One Hind fell prey, but the others pressed on. In the failing light it was not possible to confirm if they killed anything. Even in the growing darkness the M60s seemed able to tracked and shot the BMPs of the 2nd Coy as the troops tried to dig in under heavy fire.
Under cover of the darkness the 1st Coy moved into the ruins continuing to attack the infantry to their North. Their BMPs were clearly effective in suppressing the US infantry.
Now in the darkness we had no sight of the enemy, with exception sporadic muzzle flashes. Clearly the enemy could see us with some from of Vision devices as their shots continued to find their mark among our troops. It was too dangerous to press forward blind. We shall dig in regroup and launch a fresh attack with dawn.
Unfortunately time prevented us from continuing to the full 6 turns. Both objectives were contested and while neither side had lost any units a number of units were very close to breaking point. It could have gone either way, all it would take was one bad dice roll.

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