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Firestorm: Stripes

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No Picnic

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West German
VS Warsaw Pact

The second phase of the war was drawing out, longer than expected. While it meant valuable combat experience for those at the Front, those still behind at the Rommel-Kaserne Augustdorf were getting ansty. What, exactly, was OK saving them for? It seemed absurd that while a war waged, they should be gearing up for a Field Day, but perhaps this is just what the war weary German population needed. Oberst Hauer had no choice but to comply, and packed up his picnic basket for a journey south toward the rear lines in Braunfels.

What do you carry your troops in when you hit the road?

The Russians had been rebuffed at Wetzlar earlier in the campaign, and as he and his PzAufklr came down the Ulmbach before heading east on the 49, he could see evidence of some of the damage from that near run engagement. "Thank goodness the Bundeswehr has so may top commanders," he mused to himself.

Behind the Lines
Kleine Dorfer

A little farther south, and he passed through Braunfels and into the little cluster of dorfs composed of Altenkirchen, Moltau, and Kraftsolma. The park for the field day was somewhere in the middle of them, and it wasn't hard to find, in part because there was a not insignificant force of Americans from the 3rd AD gathered as well. "Of course, a German picnic meant beer, so perhaps R&R was on everyone's minds!"

Enjoying the sunny weather, Hauer parked his men in the vicinity of Kraftsolma, joining the Americans who had situated themselves quite casually in the heights above Mottau. Everyone was enjoying the beautiful day, forgetting about the war.

The Red Menace is REAL!

Sadly, no one noticed the Red Menace gathering in Bonbaden!

Menacing, aren't they?

TURN 1: Party Poopers

Hauer had been cautious about his deployment, but the Americans must have hit the beer truck first because they were sitting out in the open. Maybe they were counting on their historically uncanny luck, but this time it failed them. When rolling to start the Dust Up, the Soviets struck first with a 6 to NATO's 4. Although most of the Soviet BMPs were obscured by the advancing of their own infantry, the enemy T64s moved quickly into position and dispatched an entire platoon of M-60s. Luckily no one was hurt, as the crews were obviously still at the beer tent!

At first the crowds cheered, thinking this was some kind of demonstration. Then an Obergefreiter named Schmidt shouted out: "This is real!" Hauer knew the score, and realized a Russian unit must have broken through. Regaining his wits after witnessing a truly witless mistake by the Americans, he moved his Leo Is and Gepards out to engage the enemy BMPs. Hopefully, the Americans would mount up with what they had left and take care of the T-64s.

Schmidt Just Got Real!


Though many BMPs were burning, the T-64s continued to advance unchecked, making light work of the surviving M-60s and their CO. Hauer was now on his own!

So much for Flanking! We just got Flanked!

With nothing to stop the T-64s on his left (all he had was two Leo 1s afterall), Hauer called for reinforcements and pushed on his right with his Leo 1s and Gepards. The enemy BMP unit blazed, but all that arrived to support Hauer's efforts was a local Fuchs Aufkl Zug. When he complained, he was told "It's that or more Luchs, hold with what you have."

Burning BMPs


Sure, Hauer could get some Jagers, yea! But the Russians responded with Hinds and more recon troops. Before he knew what was happening, T-64s were racing behind him and he was getting hit BY Hind and in the Hind. Hauer bailed, and then watched his tank explode.

Hind n Die.

At least he had the satisfaction of watching his Gepards take out the enemy Recon, while his own Luchs raced to bravely contest the T-64s who had seized the keg depot, and were on their way to the beer tent.


It took the Russians another turn to kill more or less what was left of the Bundeswehr on the table, and the few off table Luchs due to come on in Turn 5 would only prolong the agony. When Hauer's Luchs troop in Kraftsolma finally succumbed, he took a shot, and tipped his cup to his opponent signaling surrender. There really was no escape from this war.


Well aware that my tactical record is underwhelming, today was a blunder of historic proportions. Maybe it came from the late night game the previous night, or maybe the war is finally getting on my nerves. Regardless, I hid every unit well until the last one, and just spaced. It's just a game, but I was glad to able to work things back to a 4-3 minor victory given that I basically served my first platoon of M-60s to my nemesis, Suvorov, on a silver platter. At least it made for a fun battle report. Hmm, perhaps I really am a Stabsoffizier?

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