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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

On the Border of Berlin – Throw Down The Gauntlet

United States
VS Warsaw Pact

Having already stepped foot into Berlin, I already found the Pub the NATO Forces will be celebrating our victory of the campaign. Less than a Mile from the Berlin border, passing the tons of destroyed WARPACT and abandoned armor and equipment, we rolled into a small industrial zone. This looked like a staging area for RED and at first glance abandoned. The locals thanked us for being here and liberating Leipzig. They did warn us, that a small Russian Armored Division had just left the area less than an hour ago.

This week I accompanied the 2nd Marine Division M60 Patton Tank Company. I have been mixing it up each week with my lists to see how my Commands are performing on the ground. Commanders belong on the battlefield with the boots on the ground, and not behind the desk. The M60 Marine Tank Company mission is to engage the enemy in close combat, and destroy by superior firepower, shock effect, and maneuverability.

In the background you can hear the Marines chanting “Berlin or Bust”. The troops know, this is a reality, and have been writing home, that this conflict will be over soon, and will be calling their loved ones and families from Berlin very soon.

The Gauntlet

We had four players show up this Sunday, and luckily we were able to play Blue and Red games for once. No more FTXs and training exercises. The group decided to play 50 Points, and get two games in today and switch players. The Mission, the Gauntlet. Tom (Misha Romanov) and I rolled the dice and I was the Attacker.

My Scouts came back and noticed a large container next the factory. This was our objective. What is in that container left behind by the Russians. I had to know.

The Battlefield - 4 x 4

2nd Marine Division M60 Patton Tank Company

The Mad Dash

Just when we thought the area was clear, a T-72 Armored Company was spotted in the distance (back of the table in photo). They did not see us yet, and we had the element of surprise at this time. While we had a straight shot to the objective, there was not much cover for us to dash over and take the objective early. This would have left our troops in the open with nice side shots.

Instead, I sent out the LAV Spearhead to the left flank and my Scouts to the wooded area in the middle of the board. While the M60 has a powerful punch, the armor is not the greatest in the US TOE. I needed to use cover, and flank the enemy from the side.

Once we were in position, Tom’s scouts spotted us. BMP2s Spearheaded straight towards the objective with Infantry and T-72s. BMPs lined up on the highway and Road dashed across the board. The enemy will be on the objective on Turn 2 and I will need to fight him off. I want that container!

The Deployment

The Fight Begins

My LAVS and Platoon of M60s jump on the highway towards the under pass and bail one T-72 and one BMP2. The 2nd Platoon of M60s destroy 3 BMPs. I hate Russian Morale Saves. One stays to party.

Tom quickly is on the Objective and with two T-72 Platoons and Infantry in the in building contesting the objective. My M60s in the open, and now I pray. And did the Dice Gods answer his call. His BM2 Spandrel Missiles completely destroy 1st Platoon. His T-72 are quick to hit 2nd Platoon with a Kill and Bail and failed Morale and 2nd Platoon is gone. Wow is this going to be a short game and feeling defeated.

My Arty ranges in on the T-72 on the Objective and infantry in the building. Direct hit. Pinning the Infantry and destroying 1 T-72. My LAVS Roll under the underpass and are able to bail one BMP2 in the woods. My TOWs are to close the BMP sitting fright in front of me, but able to hit and bail another T-72.

Tom quickly and successfully, rolls around to the objective a hiding in the woods has the perfect protective front. I finally get the call from the dice gods, and he only bails 1 LAV this turn.

I relocated my Arty Range in and once again hit the Infantry in the building pinning them, and killing a stand, and destroyed another T-72. Of Course, passes Morale for the single tank to stay on the table. The LAVs move up the road slightly and light up the BMP2 in the woods. And destroy all three BMPs in the woods. Finally got rid of those pests. Not much more my LAVs can do put to go find the AA Platoons. I am low on resources and desperate.


The Air Calvary arrives on the right side of the building and the door gunners open fires on the infantry in the building. Many shots, plenty of hits, but one KIA and a pinned infantry platoon.

Tom moved his remaining Tanks to tear up the Helos. Pinned-down Infantry shooting AK47s from the building, two tanks shooting machine guns, and one single main Tank Shot. One Helo Destroyed! I Survived.

The Air Calvary dismounted from the Helos and headed towards the building shooting their SAWS. One more Infantry Stand Down, and now his Infantry are no longer in Good Spirits. Time to Assault. I enter the buildings, and the defensive fire from the remaining infantry and the tanks outside, was too much to handle and with five hits and ends the assault. The only way to move away from the enemy was to move up the factory stairs to the roof.

By this time, the Defender would have not been able to keep the Attacker away from the objective within 8” and reached over the table to shake my hand. Great Game.

I opened the container and it was empty. Oh Well!


It was a great game with Tom, and always enjoy playing with him. I still have not beaten his FOW Finish :-)

The M60s need cover. In the open in which I had none when I had to maneuver, and his placement of his T-72 and great dice created great concealment of burning tanks for the rest of my troops. They had no effect in the game.

This is my third game playing with Humvee Tows, and not had much luck.

The LAVS are Cheap, Spearhead, and have a nice little punch for light armor. But 5+ FP expect a lot of bails and double bails.

The Air Calvary were the heroes with the luck of saves and poor firepower roles. You have to wait for the right moment and find the right place.

The Marines painted “Berlin or Bust” on the side of the empty container and we mounted up heading to Berlin.

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