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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Fender Bender under the Overpass

United States
VS Warsaw Pact

I was able to get two games in this Sunday, and while in different locations, funny how one town looks exactly likely the other town I played in earlier. Since I just purchased the Overpass to add to the table, what a better way to get in the BYPASS Quick Mission with 50 Points.

I joined another M60 Marine Tank Platoon with the same TOE. I would be playing Jeremy and against those damn T-64s. This was not going to be easy. Playing Jeremy is not an easy task also. With my light armor, and those T-64s punch, I prayed to the dice gods to roll low so I could be the Defender. It took us about five rolls as we both kept rolling the same results, but I finally rolled lower luckily for once to be the Defender. I would need cover and distance if I had a chance against this Veteran Player and list. With all the roads and asphalt on this table it would be a mad dash to the Under Pass.

The Battlefield - 4 x 4 - Playing Left to Right

The Drag Strip – Highway to Hell

Jeremy placed the three objectives, and while two were well covered and protected, the center objective in the middle of the street was going to be the heat of the battle. My Infantry covered one Objective. Air Calvary dropped them off prior to the game starting for preventative maintenance. My Scout Team and was able to hide around the corner to keep the objective in the parking lot of the factory. With my Scouts and LAVS I was able to spearhead my M60s into to the woods for cover.

Line of Sight of the Center Objective on clear roadway......


I quickly ranged into his arty to protect my infantry and other resources. One Howitzer down. On the Front Flank, I failed a cross check but was able to move a M-60 to the rear of the T-64 Platoon. Easy Shooting. If you don’t roll ones and twos. Which I did! But I did get a lucky M-60 shot his 2nd Platoon on the highway and one destroyed.

I must bring up my LAVS as target practice to protect to contest the objective and attempt to take out the BMPs. I bring around my HQ and now have three M-60s surrounding the T-64 Platoon. One with a rear shot which I roll a one and two. Guess I was way to close. I was able to bail one tank. I re-range my Arty to the Center Objective with a ton of Armor under the template. Two direct hits and only Bails M-60s shot at the HQ and T-64 Direct Hits. The other M-60 take out two BMPs in the woods and bail a third. Do I have to say how great the Russian morale is to stay on the table? Two Direct Hits and Roll two ones. This is joke. My LAVS were able to kill one BMP. But with the HQ sitting pretty in the middle, his morale saves the world once again. But luck has it only One LAV is destroyed.

Jeremey starts to move up his infantry and AA Assets. He is full speed ahead. His 2nd Platoon now parks in the handicap parking spaces of the Factory and has two Objectives Contested. His T-64s create a forest fire on my left flank of burning M60a and Humvee TOW. The Other Humvee runs off the board. The T64s in Handicap Parking (Should have been towed) take out two LAVs contesting the Objective and the final LAV leaves the table.

I gave all hell with my infantry and Dragons bouncing off the T-64s.

Jeremy’s Arty started to repeat bombard my infantry and one by one, they were destroyed. His T-64s turned to the flank my Arty and bailed and destroyed my M109s.

One by One, the Russians started to leave the board through the uncontested objective. Heck even his remaining Arty made a run for the objective.

Three Russians Platoons exited the building and I failed Company Motivation. I swear his T-64 were doing donuts in the parking lot before they ran off the board. Could not find that in the rule book. LOL

Maybe I will return the Overpass or burn my dice…….


Great game as always with Jeremy and had fun. Got two games in today and was happy. This was a fun mission.

The M60s did very well when they were concealed. Once they’re out in the open, pray to dice gods.

Another game my Humvee Tows did nothing but burn in a blaze with no success.

LAVS were lucky today. They are cheap and they are expendable.

I Hate T-64s.

Good News. The UH-1s returned from Preventative Maintenance to fly me back to outskirts of Berlin.

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