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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Those Damn Reds, they keep coming and in greater Numbers!

West German
VS Warsaw Pact

So my regular opponent Moskva and I faced off again, this was another quick mission, at 50 pts, he rolled a 1 so it was annihilation. Let the fun! begin!

Here is our battlefield for the night, on a wet night in my garage

I decided to field a Leo 1 company as per usual, but with a British mix. I had 7 points I didnt know what to spend on, so I took an almost minimum Brit Medium Recce Squadron for 7 points. It got me 2 Spartans, 2 Scimitars and 4 Scorpions. Weeeee!!! Baby tanks!

I love these things!!


West German Deployment

West German Set Up

So I had the now useless Rolands on the left ( as my opponent did not bring any air, I scared him off before with Gepards), 2 Gepards and 3 Jaguars behind the hill. Luchs with their arse hanging out behind the field, Marders, Luchs and Leopard 1s with HQ behind the hill at the center. Pazner grens dug in to the right, another Leo 1 platoon on the right in the fields, and the Brti recce platoon also there.

Soviet Deployment

Soviet forces massing for the attack

Soviets deployed behind the capitalist Gas Station and Fast food factory, obviously supplies of Borscht had been lacking and now wanted some real food. T-64s with HQ spearheaded up with the BDRM platoon. I should have put my Luchs up further to restrict this, but hindsight is wonderful......

Soviet Turn 1 - Forward Comrades!

T-64s try to wipe out the Gepards first, but only kill 1- apparently they don't have any ammo for target practice
Middle T-64s destroy a Leo 1 trying to look small in the fields

Soviets had a reasonable first turn of shooting, killing a Gepard, and a Leo 1. Everyone else was out of range, and as it was a Meeting Engagement, there was no artillery. But already the dice were going bad for the Soviet Commander- out of 4 shots on the Gepards in the open he only hit once, on 4 dice, all he needed was a 4+. I was kind of betting that I would get first turn, so the Gepards and left Luchs were not in the best position. Oh well. could have been worse.

West German - Turn 1

The West Germans rally from their early losses, and counter attack
Absolute carnage is wreaked upon the BMPs!!! Leopard 1 power!
These are so cool!

Soooo basically we blew up all the BMPs... well almost. I think he forgot how deadly they were against BMPs. So the Pzr Gren Milan teams took a shot at the central T-64s but only bailed one. The central Leo 1 platoon moved up and went hull down, taking aim at the large BMP 2 platoon, and promptly turned 5 into flaming wrecks and bailed another. The now two strong Leo 1 platoon on the right knowing they probably wont hurt the T-64s, aimed at the remaining BMPs, killing two more. Wow....

The Jaguars on the left flank, blitzed and then fired their missiles at the Advancing T-64s with HQ. They only killed one, and with one hit were lucky to do that. Still overall a good turn for the West Germans. The British Recce advanced through cover to get in range of the dug in soviet infantry.


Soviet Turn 2 - What the heck was that!???!?

The Soviets continue their flanking move and consolidate in the center away from the Milans.

So this was not a turn that the dice god was smiling on the Soviet player. The ZSUs moved up to shoot at the luchs who were hull down on the hill, but missed mostly, and only bailed one. The 2 remaining BMPs got back in and tried to missile the Leo 1's, but missed. The T-64s in the middle though were more sucessfull and killed one of the Leo 1's in the center. But the Flanking T-64s missed. Only one kill, not the best.

West German - Turn 2 - Panzers in the flank!

Leo 1's make the worlds jammiest shot, killing two T-64s in front and forcing the last to flee
The remaining Gepard rushes out of cover the flank the T-64s, while the Jaguars try to wipe them out. It does not turn out how you think....

The Leo 1 platoon in the field on the right, continue to lay fire into the BMPs, killing another and double bailing the last one. He passed and stayed to fight on. The Marders repositioned to the dubious cover behind the hedge, and killed a ZSU, the two platoons of Luchs also focused on them ,killing two more. They failed their morale and fled.

I was between a rock and a hard place, with T-64s on both sides, I had to try to kill the front ones, but did not have much to do it with, Just 3 Leopard 1's.

Now is one of the jammiest set of rolls in the game. I realized that I did not have much of a chance to kill the T-64s, he needed to roll 1 for me to penetrate or 2 to bail. So 6 shots, 4 hits, two saves, but he rolled 2 1's for the other two. On a 2+ firepower, which I passed, I had killed two T-64s. This was utter insanity and I felt sorry for my opponent...., but there was more to come, the remaining one fled. OUCH!

Now I thought, I should have enough firepower to seriously reduce the ones on the flank. Jaguars fire!!! and all missed..... Shit! But surely now the mighty Gepard on the flank can kill one...... nope... it was like rain on their steel hides... So a bit of luck for the Soviet player, but I was still in trouble, as the T-64s were close enough now that the Jaguars could not shoot.

The British Recce on the flank took a few pot shots at the Soviet Infantry but only killed one rifle platoon.

and they did nothing.......

Soviet Turn 3 - Things can only get better..... Right??

This illustrates how much the Soviet Commander appears to have pissed off lady luck, 3 shots at the flank of 3 Jaguars, two hits, I cant stop it, and rolls two 1's for firepower........
Soviet commander needs a literal bath of vodka to drown his sorrows!
British Recce takes Soviet Artillery fire but somehow their armour holds

So with the ZSU and T-64s fleeing at the end of last turn, they were lucky the last remaining BMP must have been too drunk to drive off and see sense! But the bad luck with dice continued, the T-64s got into position to flank shot the Jaguars, and...... Whif!! 2 hits out of 3, I cant stop it, and rolled two 1's for firepower.... Wow.. Sorry Comrade, maybe drink some emergency Vodka now!!??

Meanwhile the Rolands are just shitting their pants!! Hoping no one notices them

Soviet veterans share their sorrow at the terrible dice!

West German - Turn 3

Jaguars cant believe how they are still alive??? And kill another T-64 for good measure
Brit Recce and Leo 1s punish the dug in infantry.

So the Gepard and Rolands proceed to get the $%## out of Dodge and dash as far away as possible. The Gepard blitzes and then moves to get a shot off at the BDRM scouts, bailing one. The Recce pours more fire into the Soviet infantry, killing another rifle stand and LMG team.

The Jaguars are just at their minimum range and kill one T-64.. So still in trouble

Soviet Turn 4 - Wheres my Vodka????

Soviet artillery finally kills a Spartan HQ vehicle, but too little, too late

T-64s get within the minimum range of the Jaguars and hit once, but once again the dreaded 1 for firepower, this is getting ridiculous!! On the plus side they manage to kill a Spartan with the sustained arty barrage. But its not enough.

West German - Turn 4 - lets put him out of his misery

The Major is the last man standing, and withdraws with his vodka stash!
Now the flanker becomes the flanked, got to love the 40" range on the Leopard 1

Well the jaguars dashed into cover, and the hunting leopards advanced, the remaining two from the center platoon moved up and got in the face of the two remaining T-64s, while the platoon on the right got in the flank.

The Leopards at the front, bailed the HQ, while the flanking Leopards despite the concealment from the hill kill the other one.

That was enough for the Soviets and they withdrew to save their strength.... another win for the West Germans, but to be honest only a lucky one.

The ghost of Stalin helps the Major to solve his problems

Wrap up!

Basically it was his bad rolls that defeated my opponent, not due to anything great on my part. If he had not rolled so poor for his armour saves in the middle or his firepower tests, I would have lost a lot more trying to stop him. Sometimes the dice are not with you.

We also realised at the end that my opponent had about 11 points too many, it was not deliberate, i think he somehow did not get the cost of the BMP 2 platoon right. They did not last long anyway. Man they really melt to Leopard 1's. He should have kept them in cover and just shot missiles....

Also if I was him I would have advanced with my infantry at the Brit Recce, all those RPGs would have made a mess of them. I was deliberately staying out of his range so he had to move to shoot me, but I think the odds were in his favour. We discussed this after the battle. Ill have to get him fresh dice...

Also even though they did not do too much this battle, I think I will try to field the British again, some fun little units for only 7 points. Although I find the HQ a bit pointless, but its what they used I guess. Like WW2 get rid of guns to put in more radios???

Moskva trying to liberate more vodka after the battle

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West German


  • Jagdpanzer says:

    Hi Oberst, it was not on purpose, he gave me a list of what he thought he had at 50 pts and I just got the figures out. When we were looking at the lists later for the battle report, I realised he had alot more points than me, because of the BMP platoon. It was an accident. It did not matter in this case. But next time he will have to double check his list

  • Oberst Hunts says:

    So why did your opponent get 11 more points? You could have added another 3 Leo1s and 2 more Luch platoons.

  • PhillipRus says:

    We must urgently send vodka to Comrade Moskva!!

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    Yeah it’s 50 pts, the luchs are 1 point for 2, not 2 pts for two, not sure how I mucked that up on the list. The total is still 50 pts

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    i think it was 50 v 61 not 52

  • Oberst Hunts says:

    61 vs 52 points. Interesting. Nice report with plenty of comic relief. Well done on the victory.

  • Klute says:

    Congrats on win and looks like drinks for everyone,,,, Well done and fun AAR.

  • Red Alert says:


    I share my comrades pain and salute your report Jagdpanzer.

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    thanks mate, yes we had a blast, that the good thing about my mate, we always have fun and just joke around while playing, even if we are losing bad. He usually kicks my ass with his british in FoW

  • PEIPER says:

    Probably the best AAR I’be ever seen.
    Loved it all mate!

  • Cryofrost says:

    fun report, congratulations on the win.

  • Davehodo says:

    Obviously those dice were made in decadent western factory. A fun report. Looks like a great time was had by all. Nice win.

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    I don’t understand the bumper sticker comment, Bayankhan

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    lol, cheers Kubikhan, we like to have a few while playing too, mine was just Jack Daniels, his was irish coffee..

  • bayankhan says:

    nice report. Better with fewer bumper stickers

  • recce103c says:

    Exciting report, nice table with room for manoeuvre.

    excellent photo’s and accompanying text. These Naval Infantry / Морская пехота are just copying the VDV Para’s

  • Kubikhan says:

    Fabulous report with great accompanying photos. Nice when you can party like that on a Thursday night!

  • Jagdpanzer says:


  • M. Nisbet says:

    I think my usual opponents can sympathise with the dice rolling in this one. When you need anything but a 1…