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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Successful NVA Counterattack at Frankfurt!

Warsaw Pact
Ilya Semionov
VS United States

After the first phase of the WarPac advance was accomplished, the NVA mot-schuetzen battalion was having a rest in the now liberated city of Frankfurt. The new administration arranged food supply for the inhabitants and started to re-establish the life of the city according to the socialist model. The factories were nationalized, every worker got a job, and the homeless were given a temporary accomodation in the newly built barracks. The soldiers repaired their ammunition and vehicles, and went to a Kneipe in the evening. That was a so needed pause in the campaign! But nothing can last forever. Once in the morning, an order came to prepare for fight!

Americans were seen in the outskirts of Frankfurt. The GDR troops started to prepare their decisive counterattack. The NVA battalion commander gathered his mot-schuetzen in the woods waiting for the airstrike to signal the advance.
The ANZAC infantry advanced on the flank, preparing to defend the capitalists' gains against inevitable WarPac strike.
Gvozdika SP Howitzers and Grad rocket launchers got orders to pounder the enemy positions with artillery fire as soon as the airstrike comes.
But the planes in the sky were not the allied Soviet SU-25 "Grach", but the NATO Harriers! Luckily, they destroyed only two BMP-2s, all the mot-schuetzen survived the hail of fire from the sky.
Three Abrams IPM tanks rushed forward from the ambush and attacked the Grad rocket launchers, destroying one in the process.
At that moment the combined Soviet-GDR airstrike came, burning one of the American steel beasts to ashes and damaging another one.
the NATO planes returned for the second attack. Having their AA troops still in the city center, the NVA mot-schuetzen just tried to survive, hiding under their BMPs or in some natural cover in the forest.
The two surviving Abrams IPM tanks advanced and destroyed a BMP-1, some of the mot-schuetzen managed to escape the burning vehicle.
The second airstrike damaged both American tanks, and they became easy prey for the mot-schuetzen, who captured the crews and sent them back to Stasi.
The American infantry was under constant artillery suppression, losing one team after another. Meanwhile, the T-55 panzers were ready to lead the onslaught.
NATO planes started to hunt the NVA helicopters, but were not successful in doing their job. On the other hand, the AA fire was more effective, destroying one Mi-24.
The panzers assaulted the Americans, making them to fall back.
The capitalists were too frightened to counterattack, taking cover and waiting for reserves.
The mot-schutzen advanced to support the panzers under constant NATO air attacks.
The panzers were close to the final victory, but the ANZAC infantry rushed to rescue their American allies.
Combined WarPac airstrike was a disaster - the missiles missed their targets, and the AA fire destroyed the last two GDR helicopters.
At the same time the NATO AT assets poured a hail of fire at the T-55 panzers, damaging one of them. The commander had to escort the wounded tankers to the rear.
The last NATO air strike was a blast - the Shilkas wich came from reserves didn't manage to stop the Harriers, and those dropped their bombs precisely, destroying several BMPs and a Shilka. Nevertheless, it couldn't stop the NVA troops! The brave tankers made most of the Americans fall back, and the mot-schuetzen pushed the rest of them out of the block of flats. The area was clean now, and the city safe from the capitalist invaders!

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Warsaw Pact
Ilya Semionov


  • Nabeshin says:

    Your opponent dropped Harriers on you when you had Shilkas out? Absolute MADMAN. ANZAC is gonna be a different ball game once Free Nations is out 😀

  • recce103c says:

    Congratulations on the first victory comrade!

    nice pictures

  • Captain Spuds says:

    good photos, nice table, thanks for the report

  • M. Nisbet says:

    @Ilya, yeah, it looks like he’s using the old pdf. The newer one, that I updated before the launch of this campaign clarified that the ANZACs and Canadians are to be bought from the ‘Iron Maiden’ book, with the improved stats. A copy of the updated one can be found here:


    I would also say to him that using Canadians would probably work better with his force, as the 4th Canadian Division were in support of the US forces in Team Yankee, while the ANZACs are going to be in support of the British II Corps. Regards.

  • bayankhan says:

    Nice report

  • Ilya Semionov says:

    @M. Nisbet Joker_RUS sent me his list, the first thing he saw was he used the British cost for the American planes. If you see any other mistakes in the list, please inform. We had a discussion here in Moscow if the ANZAC should have the inf from the pdf or from the main book and decided it should be from the pdf as it doesn’t say anything about the book. Please correct us if we were wrong!

  • Ilya Semionov says:

    Ich diene der DDR!

  • thommo1137 says:

    Excellent report that flows following the game. Well done.

  • PanzerGrau says:

    Excellent report and result Mein Herr. Keep smashing them.

  • Ilya Semionov says:

    I’ll tell him about your concern!

  • M. Nisbet says:

    @Ilya Smionov, is he writing a report and putting his list in it? I’d like to check it, the last time he was using the wrong points values.

  • Ilya Semionov says:

    He uses Americans and the ANZAC from the PDF as allies.

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Well done Comrade! Congratulations on your victory and welcome to the front!!

  • M. Nisbet says:

    @okay Semionov; I mean your opponent is fielding Americans passing them off as Aussies, unless he’s using my pdf? In which case I appreciate the effort

  • Ilya Semionov says:

    You can see milan platoon on the hill, and 2 packs of ANZAC inf in the M113.

  • Victor says:

    Congratulations on the first victory comrade!

    Very nice Battle Report (and for a first, impressive), also good job with those T-55’s, surviving and doing damage.

  • M. Nisbet says:

    I only see Americans here, guys… again, there’s no ANZACs in Frankfurt.