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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Easter(n) Rising

VS Warsaw Pact

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So, while not playing for Easter holidays, I've found the time to put together the core of my alternative list to stop local whiners from pestering me with "ooooohhh noooo you're playing British overpowered tanks!!!111!!one!!!!1!!!!!!".

Of course if you've read my reports (and if you haven't, why!?!) you'll know standard armies are not for me so I've decided to come up with something unique and flavourful. A winter-themed Soviet army with Polish allies.

Warsaw army museum is just as good outside as it's inside!

I've been to Warsaw a couple of years ago and I saw they have plenty of second-rate gear on exhibition, so that would be a good starting point. I'm not a horde army player though so I would like to have some quality in it and you can't get better quality than T64s so in they'd have to be as well. Seems like building a Soviet army is rather easier than NATO - you basically put in what Stavka wants!

In Slovenia I got to ride on a ZSU-57 and so they simply had to be in. They will be Shilka proxies and if any opponent dares to complain I will send paratroopers to his address so heh :D .

These are the first test models.
They're of a yellower hue than the ones in the Warsaw museum but that's the only way for detail to stand out.
They also provide a nice break from painting all the damn rectangles on the Berlin Brigade tanks!

There will be other older pieces of kit. PT76s will double back as BMPs and I'll see if I can find something for the BRDMs as well.

The Soviet part of the army will be visually different because will be painted in winter camo with white swathes. We'll see how it goes.


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